Hamilton Tiger Cats - final- 3 Coach candidates

i spoke with charlie over the weekend, right now he has no interest in returning to the CFL.

I really hope we can get Ron Lancaster to be in the running, I'd like to see him as head coach of the Tiger-Cats for a few years under an excellent budget.
Ron, you have this guys vote!

...was it a list with all the names scratched off except for Jeff Reinbold's?

gee thats weird... wasn't he quoted in one of the local papers as saying something quite of the opposite?

could be quated from a paper, but i got it right from the horses mouth. Unless they are willing to couch up big buck. Meaning increase in beer price again.

Basically he has job security where he is, is there job security in the CFL.

Unles he took another job somewhere last it's been said he had resigned from the Terrapins. So I guees you do have security from getting fired when you're not coaching anywhere.

you make a really crappy agent... just gotta say that much. (thanks for beatin to the punch on that one scotty_dogg)

There was an article by Mike Koreen entitled "Ticats in Taaffe's sights" in the Toronto Sun on Friday July 14/06. Here is an excerpt:

Taaffe, who has been mentioned as one of the top candidates for the Ticats job, resigned as offensive co-ordinator at the University of Maryland in February after five years with the hopes of landing a head coaching job in the NCAA. But while he has had some sniffs, the Maryland resident is prepared to sit on the sidelines for the 2006 season, leaving him open to join the Ticats in 2007.

"I'd certainly have an interest," said Taaffe, adding he has not been contacted by the Ticats. "I know having played there, it's a football town. It's like anything else, if you win they are going to support you."

Taaffe left the CFL for more money in the U.S., but loves the Canadian pro league.

"I have never ruled out the possibility of returning to the CFL if the opportunity was right," Taaffe said. "When I was in the CFL, Hamilton was very strong. I know Ron Lancaster very well and he knows the league as well as anybody. If that opportunity arose, I'd certainly be interested enough to listen and find out about the job."

Thanks TCTD.

Dont think the Cats dont have the money to land Taaffe if they think he's the guy...

[Ed Grimly] He'd be excellent, I must aay. [/Ed Grimly]