Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Winnipeg Blue Bombers Play-By-play Thread

It has been too friggin' long between CFL Football games.
This is the thread where we talk about the game in real-time (without having to rely on hashtags). The game's on TSN, CHML, and Internet broadcast by the team.
Masoli is our starting QB and has his favourite receiver to throw to.
Evans is our backup QB and I feel we give up NOTHING if he has to come in and play.
Yes, CVZ is injured for this game, and we're starting a new LT. Okafor is solid, but this game should show us if he's ready to jump to the next level in his career.

I will breach the bottle of Lagavulin 16 (from my 50th), cook a perfect inch-thick rib steak on my new Napoleon BBQ (along with grilled corn), fire up a Cuban stogie, and watch the game in my basement theatre along with thousands of similar CFL fans across the country and around the world.



Does anyone have a copy of the Tiger-Cat Marching Song? It was written by Ralph Sazio and Jake Gaudar. If you do, it would seem to be appropriate to post it here.

On Ice and ready to go :beers: :grinning: I've got the Beveridge Fridge on the porch fully stocked , chicken and footlongs for the Bar-B and my boys and me are watching the game in the great outdoors tonight under the stars . :night_with_stars: APPROXIMATELY T-MINUS 5 . 5 HOURS TO KICK-OFF :football: LET'S GET IT ON !!! IT'S TIME TO GO POUND THE PEG :love_you_gesture: :+1: :love_you_gesture: :hammer:


Sounds like everyone used to wear more hats back then. Players played both ways, while coaches and GMs wrote fight songs and designed logos.

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Tiger-Cats Marching Song


for your listening pleasure

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I like the updated one better

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we love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, the team with spirit and fight,
they’ll crouch and snarl and charge and strive to win with all their might!
We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, we don’t mind adversity,
For we’ll Oskee Wee Wee, and Oskee Waa Waa,
Right on to victory!

It was on a site called Argonotes but now it can't be found. If someone has it saved, a lot of old guys would like to hear from you.

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I guess it's in the fb link above? I don't have fb so I can't confirm it is the right one.

But I basically remember all the lyrics. (although there may have been a small mistake or two, lol).

It starts,
We love those Cats,
Those Tiger Cats,
The team with spirit and fight ...

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Okay I'm an idiot.
It's like 5 posts above mine.

Is that a SANDY Beveridge fridge?

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Is Matt slowly becoming grapes 2.0

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Weather update: Air quality alert issued for City of Winnipeg ahead of CFL season opener

According to the alert, numerous forest fires are sending plumes of smoke throughout much of Manitoba. The most dense smoke will be in the vicinity and downwind of the fires ...

Individuals exposed to the poor air quality may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath. Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or lung disease, such as asthma, are especially at risk.

i've found campfires keep the mosquitos at bay.

I'm sure the people of the 'Peg prefer smoke to mosquitos, lol.

Don't players and staff have to wear masks on the sidelines
That should help with some of the smoke

Just a few more hours

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Twitter version

LOL . Welp ! thanks to spell check I guess it is :rofl: :beers:

have you been able to source that beer in the last say, six months or so?

Haven't seen it around. (really, post 2020).