Hamilton Tiger-Cats ask restaurant owner to swap out Confede

The Hamilton Tiger Cats have proposed a trade — with a controversial downtown restaurant.

Cameron Bailey owns Hillbilly Heaven at the corner of King Street East and Walnut Street North. Last week, he garnered some flack for using the Confederate flag as a sign on the restaurant. Some say the flag is inappropriate because of its racist overtones.

Bailey told CBC Hamilton that members of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were supportive of his restaurant:

“I have guys from the Tiger-Cats come in here and some of them are southern black guys,? Bailey said. “As soon as there's some TiCat players that say 'hey, take that down,' then I'll think about it.?

Here is a response from Bob Young, the caretaker of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats:....

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2013/03/13/hamilton-hillbilly-heaven-tiger-cats-bob-young.html]http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2 ... young.html[/url]

The Tiger-Cats and the new location for Hillbilly Heaven are neighbours. I think there's some potential mutually beneficial business opportunities here.

We really need some football around here if this is the lead story.

Bob Young's letter to Hill Billy Heaven was a classy thing to do. I am solidly behind him on this.

The Confederate Flag stands for many good things, but slavery wasn't one of them.

Kudos to you, Bob!

Talk about political bs. But of course this is canada eh.

Why no kerfuffle over the much larger Confederate flag emblazoned across the Dirty South food truck which is in Hamilton, participating in such local events as Sew Hungry and the last art crawl?


[url=http://newtohamilton.blogspot.ca/2012/08/food-trucks-glorious-food-trucks.html]http://newtohamilton.blogspot.ca/2012/0 ... rucks.html[/url] https://www.facebook.com/dirtysouthtruck

Well Captain.... I don't think Mr. Young is in the habit of sticking his nose in other businesses, hence no "kerfuffle over the Dirty South food truck. But when the Hillbilly Haven owner referenced the Hamilton Tiger Cats in a news story, it does become Mr. Young's business.... and he handled it spectacularly.


Sorry I wasn't clear, but I was referring to the local media kerfuffle that preceded Bob Young's response to Hillybilly Haven's comments about the Tiger-Cats and not that Bob Young should do or say anything about any other business that bears the Confederate flag like the Dirty South .

Seems like the Dirty South goes about their business drawing no controversy over the Confederate flag, while the owner of Hillybilly Haven has already established a controversial presence with his first location and "pushes buttons" to garner further attention.

Great move by Bob Young.

I'm sure the owner of that restaurant has been loving all the free publicity. He knows the region has plenty of people who either will laugh off the bigotry angle or worse, proudly embrace it.

And anyone who thinks it's not about bigotry is being naive. The button pushing use of signage like “to better serve you, our staff speaks ENGLISH? and a list of culturally associated “things we don't have and never will? is flagrant pandering to bigots.

I love BBQ. I drag my girlfriend around to a bunch of the Rotary Ribfests around the golden horseshoe every summer, and several times a year we make the long drive to my favorite rib joint: Memphis BBQ in Vaughan.

Even if Hillbilly Heaven changes the signage now, the attitiude Cameron Bailey has continued to display has made it impossible for me to patronize his business in good conscience. I hate obnoxiousness and bigotry more than I love BBQ. I hope he goes out of business (too much to hope for, I know).

Even if this is all just a cynically calculated publicity maneuver, he still deserves to flop. Actions are what matter.

Plus, anyone who brags about not serving Shawarma has clearly never eaten it. Shawarma is delicious. :smiley:

Why any Canadian would ever want to proudly display any American flag over their own is concerning.

I have nothing against Americans but Canada and many Canadians treat their own nation like it's here to serve the interests of the US and Europe rather than fulfill our own wants and desires.

I am not a 2nd tier American. I am Canadian.

Forgot to add: Bailey's attempt to use Ticat players as a shield totally reminded me of this:

[url=http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlackBestFriend]http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/M ... BestFriend[/url]

I am doubtful that Bailey’s use of the phrase, “Ticat players” entails more than one or two players. Moreover, I’m
wondering if Mr. Bailey simply made up this phrase for purposes of advertising. “Just sayin.”
I’m sure the publicity hasn’t hurt him. :thdn:

Any press is good press as the saying goes. And while that might be true, I would have to agree with what Banshee so eloquently said.

He won't be counting my money.

I actually made a post about this earlier on this same forum, requesting the Ti-Cats oblige him and ask him to take that ugly thing down, but it sadly that post got taken down. The only time I want to see the Confederate flag is on the roof of a 1969 Dodge Charger.

So now the Dirty South will be changing their truck because of the controversy surrounding Hillbilly Heaven.

Update to the story.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/business/article/902304--ticats-to-hillbilly-heaven-take-down-offensive-flag]http://www.thespec.com/news/business/ar ... nsive-flag[/url]

Thanks for the attempt Bob, I do love pulled pork and brisket, but given how much of the core has turned towards the art crowd, I think he's shooting himself in the foot. I've had Hillybilly Heaven previous to this, but now it's not even as much about the symbol itself to me, it's just very clear that he's just stirring the pot to generate some cheap heat and publicity.

I'm not going in there until it's down myself. Instead if you want to get your pulled pork on, may I suggest Rolly Rockets on Locke?


If you ever went to Frank Clair stadium you would see dozens of Confederate flags being waved on the "South side" stands at Rider and Renegade games. I expect we will see them again next year at the new stadium. There was never any intent for racism it just represented the "south siders" or rebels in the south side stands.

You will no longer go there because he is stirring the pot?

Just saw Cameron Bailey, owner of Hillbilly Heaven on CH morning live where he turned down Bob Young's proposal, and had his own proposal for Bob Young in which he asked for Bob Young to release Chris Williams by 5 pm so hat he can go to the NFL and make a better living to support his family ($60,000 vs $600,000), and said that if Bob Young would do the "right thing" and release Williams by 5 pm, so that he could better support for his family, then Bailey would take down the battle flag.

I find this whole kerfuffle quite amusing.

For those that are interested, Cameron Bailey will be on CH at 5:30 on SQUARE OFF

Amusing for sure Captain. What's this about the core turning towards art? I'm not very bright but am able to enjoy both art and sport and see the overlapping and synergies between the two very easily. Ah, but I digress, maybe the "smart core" people are only able to live in one universe at a time I suppose. Too bad for them. Required reading, shouldn't tax their noggins too much:


I had pork last night, excellent and love it, one of the easier meals to cook that I wouldn't go out to a restaurant for to have someone cook it for me unless they have a way of cooking it to make it much better than I do, on the stove or on the BBQ.

The Community Coalition Against Racism want the police to charge Bailey with hate crimes.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2013/03/14/hamilton-confederate-flag-rally.html]http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/news/story/2 ... rally.html[/url]

This line is interesting from the article:

Bailey also said "I have guys from the Tiger-Cats come in here and some of them are southern black guys.As soon as there’s some TiCat players that say ‘hey, take that down,’ then I’ll think about it.?

So a community coalition group’s thoughts don’t matter, just what football players think who are from the southern US? Whatever there Mr. Bailey. :roll: