Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2024

For Sayles not just a restructure, but an extension as well.


Nice . Very nice indeed .


Looks like Betts is NFL bound.

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Following Day 1 of Free Agency …

So far, IN & OUT (of TiCats’ roster since end of the '23 season)

QB - Kevin Thompson / Shiltz, Locksley
RB - Ante Milanovic-Litre, Calvin Tyler Jr. / Thomas Erlington, Tuggle
FB - James Tuck
OL - Evan Johnson, Nicholas Guay, Brendan Bordner / Van Zeyl, Riley, Saxelid, Zerr
WR - Luther Hakunavanhu, Justin McGriff, Chris Coleman, Cameron Batson, Jequez Ezzard, Jacob Patten, Kaylon Geiger, Devon Williams, Jevoni Robinson, Shamar Bridges, Johnny King, Jamal Turner, / White, McAllister, Mayala, Osei-Kusi, Walker, D. Williams

DL -Dewayne Hendricks, Brandon Barlow, Reece Martin, Adam Plant Jr., Kelle Sanders / Wynn, Carney, 2 x Davis, Laurent, Crawford, Kongbo, Gnahoua
LB - Jordan Williams, Robert Panabaker, Dyton Blackett, Jimmy Phillips Jr., Rayshawn Wilborn / Lawrence, Thurman, Sopik
DB - Jamal Peters, Arquon Bush, Maxwell Worship, Shabari Davis Jr., Destin Talbert / Adeleke, Edwards, Woods, Dearborn

P & K - Keiran Burnham / Small


Coach M, Hervey, HSG are swinging the wrecking ball to the Stein era.


I still need to see more at QB, team is asking for trouble with what we currently have coming to camp.

You can fake it at some positions and get by with average players.
Not at QB.

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Frankly, the Steinauer era had gone as far as it could go…And, if we are going to go 8 and 10, to keep the fans engaged you might as well do it with fresh players…

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Does that one word, you typed Welder, have one too many letters in it?
Or, is it missing one letter? :wink:

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I can spell…I suck at typing…

Who do you suggest that’s out there?

Cornelius? Locksley?

I’ve said it before but I would like to give Locksley a look see to determine what he’s got. He hasn’t had a fair shot since coming to Canada. Give him a chance why not. If he shows he doesn’t have ‘it’ then cut him loose after training camp.


There is not much, Ottawa has a few extras that might be interesting.

Aside from that getting a neg list QB to come North and be groomed as the future QB.
Timing is perfect with our coach having an excellent reputation as a QB friendly coach.
Powell is not that IMO.

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After 2 x 8/10 years this would have happened with Steinauer in or out regardless. Hervey is building the team now.

Orlondo would likely have agreed to all of these signings so far with input from Milo. We all saw the shortcomings of the last two years.

Huge bonus this year - tons of money to play with. Not handcuffed by Bo’s contract.

Edit** By no means does this imply that I wanted O running the show again this year. I am pleased by the changes in the TiCat’s coaching and GM roles. Frankly, I don’t know what Orlondo is going to accomplish in his new role. Again, if he is a superior coach I’m surprised he is not doing just that somewhere. What don’t I know?

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Hard pass. Although it would have been interesting to see what Locksley could do with some proper development. The Corn-man?.. nope.


Agreed. Cornelius has got a big arm, but so did Michael Bishop.


Still requires ownership facing up to the fact serious mistakes were made and the team going was nowhere with Stein running the show. Being happy with 8-10 and a playoff spot could have gone on longer still without admitting some harsh truths.
Ownership has been deservedly criticized in the past . They should be complimented here.


Not yet. We haven’t even played one down. I’m not giving them compliments on anything. We still have Washington running the show on defense.

If we go 7-11 with lots of injuries as in past years does that mean that ownership made the right decisions? I’ll reserve my judgment for November.
So far they have earned nothing. Changes have been made. Lets see how they work out first.


Nobody was happy with that. There isn’t a professional team on earth happy with a losing record and early exit in the playoffs.

Steinauer was coach of the year in 2019. He earned some rope for a couple more seasons. He didn’t evolve and then the same ownership gave him the keys to the city to keep him here. Serious mistakes made indeed - by the owners.


No one is pencilling in a home playoff game but…If one criticized ownership/management for not being talented or aggressive enough in talent aquisition and recognizing, at recent talent levels, it struggled to be average even by East div standards theyve certainly earned some praise now. Cant have on-field success without the former. Fair is fair.

8-10 football critics, not by all, were derided as “being negative”. 8-10 but still making playoffs was described by some, not all, as “success”.

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