Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2024

Well what can I tell ya Gordo but the man has already come and gone . He was on our PR for a few weeks and then promptly released . He wasn’t even in town long enough to get a cup of coffee from Timmy’s .

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I guess I missed the boat on that one. :flushed:

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I agree with @smogmonster . . . it appears that we the fans of the Tiger-Cats, are in for a very rough season. Likely to get worse before it gets better for us (ie. the fans).

We have every right to criticize anything that irks us, but we should leave the derogatory name calling in the school yard.


Nothing matters to me less nowadays than what coaches and players say to the media. They are all so sanitized that it’s almost always meaningless. Coach O said absolutely nothing ever which felt empty, but really wasn’t worth anything less than what is being said now. It’s like listening to a CEO or a politician, it’s usually just to check the box and stay out of trouble.

The fact that Milanovich said it’s on him might give some the warm and fuzzies. I guess in reality it all bubbles up to the head coach, but what did he do right after saying it was on him? He fired the STC and made 9 roster changes for the next game. Those changes weren’t because Milanovich wasn’t doing his job, they were (mostly) because 1 STC and 9 players weren’t doing their jobs. The obvious exception was Butler coming back from injury and I’m sure there is another example or two like this, but Milo said he didn’t do his job and then moved the people along that were the ones that really didn’t do their jobs.

Hopefully he continues with these actions (ahem, Mark Washington to the Head Coach’s office please; bring your keys and ID card) regardless of the words he uses to the media.


No one ever said Coach M owning up to some of the failure made them feel good. It was simply pointing out the contrast from Stein, whom much of the time, seemed content and letting the players take the heat.

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Orlondo “seemed” content. With what exactly? Opinion vs fact.

Didn’t you just lecture someone for posting a similarly vague statement?

I never once heard him place blame on a specific player. In reality his team would go through a wall for the guy.


How many times did Stein say “this is on me” or anything resembling that vs. “We didnt execute” which intimates as much blame on the players if not more ?

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What don’t you understand about the word “we” ?

It was never “they”.

Ownership for all.

Players are accountable for their terrible play.

If Milo wants it all then good for him. Players need to own up.


Quite often it means “I refuse to shoulder the entire blame because it makes me look bad and harms my professional reputation and future opportunities. Lets spread it out so I dont look quite so implicated.”

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I prefer the accountability for all one. Better for a team environment.


In the Tiger-Cat world, doesn’t the “bye” week usually mean a “bye-bye” for some one (or two) players or coaches, followed by a “hi”? :disguised_face:


I think we are all expecting a Bye-Bye for Washington but if it doesn’t happen soon, then he is on a very short leash.

All of this seems eerily similar to how Condell’s dismissal happened last year.


He wasn’t wrong though.

In 2019 the players executed for him and the coaching staff.

In 2023 they did not.

When this happens, good people lose their jobs.


It’s a business in which very competitive people collide . They are all trying to win . To impune coaches, players and management motives is silly and shows a lack of understanding on the part of fans .


“We can’t win at home and we can’t win on the road. What we need is a neutral site.”
Former Bucaneers coach John McKay.

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Has anyone made the suggestion that anyone within the Ticats organization isn’t trying to win? :thinking:

I think the suggestion is that many of them just aren’t very good at it.


I believe Bob is actively trying to make us fail.

Which of course makes him successful.

Completely going against the narrative.



Interesting to see the Timmy Chang stuff.
I remember watching practices Chang was here when Charlie Taffte was the coach

Charlie and I were pretty close
Every time I pop into practice he’d walk walk over to me and ask if you take any pictures. I’d go yeah
Can I see them and I’d show him the pictures I took from the game.

He’d show me Chang’s feet and say he never plants them. Then during one particular practice
Chang was dropping back the pass
I was talking to my friend Ron in the stands
And we heard Charlie shout your f****** guessing at Chang. For god sakes plant your damn feet

I was there the day they fired Charlie
I was told there be no practice and I went home
I never did get to say goodbye and Charlie passed away a few years later.

He was a good man but he wasn’t given any tools
By Hamilton he went back to college and was fairly successful out in Florida before he passed
I’m still friends with Brian his son to this day


The CFL’s US TV rights are with CBS Sports Network. CBSSN is contracted to show 34 regular season games and then some post season including the Grey Cup.

If they’re showing 34 games with each game having 2 teams, that’s 68 appearances (34X2) by CFL teams. With 9 teams in the league that should equate to an average of 7.6 CBSSN appearances per CFL team (68/9) over the course of the regular season.

I just had a look at the schedule and lucky me (in Texas), unlucky CBSSN, the Ticats are on CBSSN 12 times over the course of the regular season. They were not on week 1 in Calgary, but their next 11 games straight right through Labour Day are on CBSSN. The 12 is the Oct 18 home game against Calgary.

I know the games are also on CFL+ but it’s much easier to turn on the TV and flip to CBSSN than it is to stream. Also, some Americans may stumble into the game on CBSSN, but I can’t imagine them finding CFL+ by accident.


I think any game on CBSSN is not on CFL+ in the USA , unless you have a VPN and set it to outside of North America.
Where to Watch: 2024 CFL Broadcast Information - CFL.ca.

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