Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2024

Time to start thinking bout the post -Stein/ Washington/Reinbold era.
Provided he wants and is able to stay should Milanovich have total power. Or is that just repeating a failed pattern. But what if thats his ultamatum ?
Rebuilding a new staff is just the beginning. Will HSG have the stomach for contract buy outs, new staff. And thats not even getting into building a better roster.


My dream team:
Prez - Barker
GM - McManus

Let THEM hire the HC, and the new HC hires his coordinators and position coaches.

Milanovic? Mark Killam? Someone mentioned Cory Mace?


Do whatever it takes to get Pinball Clemons as President/GM. Then give him the bank card and tell him to work his magic. (By now, he is probably bored with all the winning in Toronto anyway).


Barker is not the loud mouth answer ,although he is connected & smart , he took at shot at our fanbase always pointing the finger at someone ,true….but not Barker please?
If you would like a Pinball easy going happy type for President ,notGM ,Danny Mac. is a good candidate.
Last time we had success in 1999, We brought in a successful Head Coach in R.Lancaster , he brought in Danny Mac and Darren Flutie ,we won the 1999 Grey Cup with them .
Keep the President and GM as seperate positions and do not give them to a young inexperienced person , ahhh maybe Barker with a muzzle would be OK as GM?

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My guess?

New coaching staff with try to make BLM into what he was again.

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Its taboo for major housecleanings around GC week. Dont want to do it around Xmas and FA period comes up fast in the new year and you need a staff in place for that so…Shouldnt the process of deciding what the next steps are be starting soon ? (perhaps it already is)


O was a fine DC. He cannot do the 2-3 jobs he now has. I doubt he goes back to DC, so he needs to go.

We need a CFL veteran to run the show. They’ll put competent people in place. Jim Barker is available.

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I don’t pretend to know enough about football front offices to know whether or not Danny McManus would make a good GM, but I know that he was good enough here as a head scout to get the call from Winnipeg to get a promotion.

I don’t want to see a guy like Danny McManus get control over the entire operation, but I would be on board with a Jim Barker getting the highest title (VP of Football Operations).

In a perfect world id like to see a traditional football structure:

VP of Football Operations - Someone with Tenure IN A FRONT OFFICE

General Manager - Chosen by the above - Someone with Assistant GM/Scouting/Front office experience. (Is Danny McManus that guy? he seems to have the experience needed).

Head Coach - Chosen by the above - Take a chance on a co-ordinator or a tenured HC. (Noel Thorpe? Marc Trestman? At one point Steinauer was this exact candidate)

I don’t get why this is so difficult for Scott Mitchell to execute.

Personally this is the lowest point since 60-1. This team isnt turning anything around this year, but a message needs to be sent to Stein that he has failed.


That about sums it up.
Could you explain the 60-1 comment, I am drawing a blank on that.

When Kent Austin’s Ticats lost in Calgary 60-1 - causing Austin to “Step down” and June Jones take over.


Thanks. I had just about figured it out with a little help from google.


I think Mitchell has a huge ego and wants to show how much of a genius he is using an unconventional model. He has convinced Bob that thinking outside the box is the right move. I also think it’s to cheap out. Paying one person for three jobs is cheaper than 3 people in 3 jobs.

And we all know how "Genius’ and the CFL go together.


They had the structure in place - then Stein was rumored to be leaving for the NCAA. Mitchell/Young didnt want to lose him as the “Young up and comer” and gave him the promotion to justify the pay raise to keep him. It really couldnt be more obvious.

So Mitchell/Young’s attempt to create stability backfired when Steinauer had leverage - and after 2 Grey Cup appearances they must have figured Stein would grow into the role. Not only did it not work but it insulted the experience that qualified front office people had (Burke, Barker, Huff, etc) and it is now coming out in the results.

At least OBillovich was hired and hired his own coach. Cortez was given a title he didnt earn and then Austin was given VP, at least Austin came with a Grey Cup in his pocket.


When a handful of players, at the very least, quit on Austin to get him removed. I believe one is still on the roster.


And whether Stein has lost the room or the team simply lacks the talent, it’s irrelevant because he built the team.

I wanted Stein to be the guy and have stability, long term success. In fact you and I have disagreed on him as a football coach to this point - but it’s time. This team is a joke.


There is actually 5 players from that team still on the roster .

Young isn’t being “convinced” of anything after 20 years. Mitchell is still there because Young wants him there. Mitchell is essentially Young’s bag man who brings in the sponsorship cash. The on field product is ALWAYS secondary with this ownership group…


I don’t agree with every take you make on Young but I agree here. Mitchell is the bag man and the “bad guy” - a role he’s happy to play to keep the Caretaker as the good guy.

But he needs to stay out of football ops, which he doesn’t. He should be removed as Team President but he won’t. Let’s hope he picks a more qualified Football person to run things.

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I do not like the loud Barker , …I think Danny Mac belongs in the PinBall area of “feel good time”……

Be careful what you wish for. Either of these roles could be filled by Hervey.