Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2014 Playoff Game now on sale

lots of seats available but they're not selling Upper West tickets though.

i haven't received an e-mail on this yet but i wonder if STH get them at a discounted price. i'll have to call to find out.

[url=http://www.ticketmaster.ca/hamilton-tigercats-2014-playoff-game-hamilton-ontario-11-23-2014/event/10004D48D4826064?artistid=891395&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=8]http://www.ticketmaster.ca/hamilton-tig ... norcatid=8[/url]

I said this in another thread, that several weeks ago they were showing the final two games as having upper west seats for sale, and then they took them off when they knew they weren't going to be done.

Someone else mentioned there is more going on preventing it from opening then just wash rooms and concessions.

I think it is obvious there may be major issues preventing the opening, but hopefully it is just slow incompetent construction companies then any real safety or structural concerns.

Either way, I have my doubts the seats will be available, but I am not too concered. My seats got upgraded, and we sat on the 50 yard line tonight. Amazing seats. Ticats have gone above and beyond in what has no doubt been a very trying time for them.

I was one of the people that hypothesized that perhaps more serious issues were preventing the upper west side from opening. I stated that I have no basis or inside knowledge for thinking that, just theorizing. Knowing that the press box was finally opened tonight somewhat eases my concerns regarding the structural integrity of the upper west side.

Also the ticket master link for the playoffs is not allowing me to purchase tickets. I think its just a placeholder until more details are finalized.

I think Season ticket holders got there playoff tickets with there season ticket package it was included in the price of season tickets :cowboy:

It was included with the season ticket. STH have already had the opportunity to purchase extra playoff tickets before they went on sale to the General Public.

sorry, as a reread my post it was a bit unclear. i know we get the playoff game as part of the ST package but my inquiry was how we can purchase extra tickets. you said we had that opportunity, when was that? i must have missed it. we might get 1 extra and would then have to move our seats so we can have them all together.

just as an aside, ticketmaster wouldn't allow the choosing of seats as of a couple of days ago but now i'm able to. i logged into my account and can buy tickets if i want to.

The issue possibly could be that once you add the load of 3200+ bodies and the movement around the stands and the possibility of a lame wave attempt may cause unstability if that upper section was not reinforced as the east side was part way through the construction. The pressbox can't hold much more than 100 or so people so not a big deal there. Just an assumption on my part too.