Hamilton Tiger Cat Parking

Is there any parking lots near the stadium within walking distance other then the ones at the stadium? if so directions please thanks. got 4th row seats for saturdays game!! :slight_smile:

If you go to TiCats.ca they have maps to get you there.

Get there early and join us for a tailgate party, byo-everything.


Yeah go to Bob's board where people get banned for pretty minor issues. Bunch of self righteous, idiots. That board is run like the team.....Where nobody in charge knows what the hell they're doing..........

OTTAWA WILL WIN .....hamilton will finish 0-18

Wishful thinking drumming. Hamilton isn't as bad as you think.
Playoffs? Hell no. But they won't end up 0-18

i wish hamilton wasnt so bad

Go to the TiCats.ca website and they have parking maps...and Bufford do you think you were banned from TiCats.ca for the positive attitude you just demonstrated towards one CFL fan helping another.

Give it a rest, if people come in and can't be civil to other fans on the board they get booted, as they should.

Try posting people without the hostility and you might find people want to talk with you and you won't get banned. I have no sympathy for someone who jumps on CFL fans for being fans and helping each other out.

The only reason I'm publically addressing your post Bufford is what you said is off side and uncalled for. LIke I said with, that kind of attitude you aren't wanted on the TiCats board. Yes, think about it, you chose to post the words you do, so you got yourself banned. If you didn't post the way you did you'd still be there, learn some social skills and you'll be welcomed back.

Have a nice day.

First of all Jared that's what I hate about Bob's board and fans like you. You almost have to have perfect social skills in order to deal with some of your lame posts. The lastest of which about who would be willing to pay for the Ticat.ca website. Trying to figure out how we can all pay for stuff we already enjoy free is not a cool idea Jared. You may think it's cute but it ain't. Now you almost have to go to charm school to be welcome on Bob's retarded board, because all the little fairys like you Jared that go running to the mods for a tissue and a band aid everytime you get a little boo boo on your knee. Bunch of babies!

Anyways that's all we needed here Jared, is to show Bob how to suck more cash out of a fan base of people already resigned to accepting mediocrity and losing. You may quesion my social skills but I question how thick your skin is? Are you a guy or a girl? No seriously. I'm just wondering because you seem to be the type that gets their feelings easily hurt and then you go crying to the mods like you were shot in the @$$, who welcome you with open arms because they are at least as gullible and irritating as you. Is that social skills enough for ya, JARED?