Hamilton Ticats 2021 road to the Grey Cup

Did anyone really think that the road to the Grey Cup was a smooth path?
The Ticats continue to face adversity as they start their 3rd string QB.
This will steel their disposition and when they get there, they will truly be fighting tooth and claw and worthy of the win.
Go Cats Go.

This season seems to be going like that CFL movie that Chris Bickford wants to make. Something about the Ticats being sad sacks in the league then some 12 year old Hamilton kids convince a kicker from the prairies to come east and the team gets on a roll. Maybe art imitates life once again? We can only hope. I’ll have to repost that link to the movie story.

This appears to be our road to the Grey Cup


So true. We NEED THAT Kicker.

At least make it a Land Cruiser.

Another story about the same movie

We've already seen this movie and its sequels many times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing our luck the kicker in the movie turns out to be some guy named Charlie Brown .

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As long as his holder isn't Lucy VanPelt, he'll do OK...

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Well we'll just have to hire Peter Griffin as our holder Coach then :rofl:


Or better yet, Charles Manson?:sunglasses:

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So, are we cheering for BC tonight?

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I think you might need one for the Habs too! Not to mention that other abysmal Toronto ice hockey team.

Hamilton should get to the Grey Cup. But how to defeat Winnipeg?

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It will be tough to go undefeated at home, all the way to the Grey Cup, then have to face Winnipeg

I'm no coach, but it's blindingly obvious that you need to contain Collaros in the pocket, and make him beat us that way. He's simply too good when he rolls out and creates time for his receivers to get open. The DTs need to stay honest on the running game to limit their gains. Offence has to be mistake-free.
Collaros is playing like he did in 2015 before his injury.

Collaros threw for 245 yards against Edmonton and 149 of those were YAC yards. Most of his passes were short high percentage passes with lots of YAC yardage. 19 completions for a total of 96 yards gives you an average pass length of 5 yards. I would call that game management . Not exactly electrifying but it gets results when combined with a great defense and a healthy dose of rush yards (126).

Almost like what we did to Calgary, amirite?
Looks like WPG, SSK, TOR, EDM, OTT, and now HAM are relying on short, efficient passing. So much for the "wide-open" CFL offences...