Hamilton " the good ".......thank-you!

Warning…Good news story ahead! :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my daughters lost her Kodak digital camera at the game last night

So, I took a trip down to the stadium this afternoon to scour the stands looking for it but upon my arrival noticed the city employees had already used the leaf blowers to push all the trash to the aisles…oh no!

I told one of the regular city employees what I was searching for and he said a fan turned the camera into a Ticats employee last night and it is now sitting in the city maintenance office at the stadium…Wow!

In the remote chance that the truly considerate person (Ticat fan or Argo fan) who found the camera is reading this, I just want to say thank-you so very much on behalf of my daughter…she is very thankful and so am I

Thanks also to the Ticat staffer who got it to it’s proper place.

I told my daughter that her job is to return the good deed to someone else now and keep it going…

:rockin: :thup:

Be grateful that it wasn't a TiCat player who found your daughter's camera. He would've destroyed the evidence. :stuck_out_tongue:

An Argo fan

Aren't you lucky that you have the "pull" to get into Ivor Wynne, speak to the city employee and locate the camera. Anyone else would have phoned the Ticat office on Monday and gotten the royal run around, probably never locating the camera.

The stadium is owned by the people of Hamilton and when the gates are open (as they were today), everyone has a right to walk in, run on the field, run the steps, play catch, look for their kid's cameras :wink: ...whatever....

Ivor Wynne is open to everyone most times and, within reason, the city employees let people use it (during normal hours that is)

The only time you can't take the field is if someone has it booked. eg...Ticats practices, city football or soccer leagues, high schools etc.

This is why we are soooooo lucky to have Ivor Wynne in the inner city so everyone can enjoy it.


Mikey, I hope you didn't blame your daughter. She was probably too shell shocked to remember what day it was let alone her camera.

An Argo fan

I too have walked through the gates into IWS when they were open,nobody said anything to me.

Anyone else would have phoned the Ticat office on Monday and gotten the royal run around, probably never locating the camera
Truthfully?....I don't think anyone would be given the "runaround" in an issue of importance to a fan. I've seen Ticats employees go out of their way (almost to a fault) to help a fan in need of something. I've seen it with my own eyes at games. (my favourite Ticat "intern/turned employee", Brad Wurthman for example)......this dude would provide valet parking for you if he could!.....lol! :lol:

Go Brad!
Go Cats!

Glad to hear you managed to get your daughter’s camera back.
With all the negativity that has cme back into this site, it is great to see you managing to still put a optomistic spin on things, and bring up comments like to this so show some fans are still positive with the organization.