Hamilton Support

Lets say for a second the attendance is 20,000 for the home opener. What does that say about the fan base? I would like to think Hamilton isn't just a Labour Day crowd. Also doesn't go a long way to those who say we are the best fans in the CFL.

I would like to think so but not with that kind of a number regardless of how the team has played.

I would hope there are at least 25,000 for the opener. If there are only 20,000 for the opener then I don't think the future is going to be so bright for the franchise.

If 20K , then I would say they have lost a significant fan base based on the past two years performance.

I WON'T be there!!

Also lets say the team averages 20000-18000 this season. As a fan i would be pretty worried that the great owner that we have may not be able to continue for much longer.

Don't let the last few years fool you as far as attendance goes. Before Bob took over they were averaging 15-18 a game I believe. But people always showed up on Labour day it is just the way it was. Bob changed that by making it more family friendly and the freebies they gave away didn't hurt either. With the raise in ticket prices the team will have to start winning in order for the fairweather fan to come back out. The team has given away a lot of freebies in the last few years and they can't continue to keep doing that. Bottom line is that the atmosphere on game day is great but the product has been not so great. If you build it they will come!!! I don't expect a huge crowd but walk up will be ok depending on the weather.

Here is hoping for sunny skies for the game and the new Cats.

Yeah I’m sure you’ll make your way back down on the bandwagon later on in the season

See that my problem. So much anger towards a team that he should be and supposedly is a fan of. I dont understand why? Like the Jays lose every year but at least they get support for the home opener.

And really the joke will be on Hamilton when everyone tunes in to see so many empty seats. Hopefully, the weather is nice and people come out for the game.

I will wait and see.For the last 4years I went to every game I could but last year they took my money and did not try to put the best team they could have on the field. The team and Mass both said he was good to go when he should not have been playing .I feel that we were taken.
They don"t have to win but they do have to try.


"the team won't be giving away 5,000 to 10,000 free tickets"

Fan base will be down because there aren't as many freebies which I am fine with, I pay for mine and so should everyone else

A packed house would be great for the home opener but not going to happen.
This team needs to win, bad. I hope we can, we have a great owner who has admitted he has made some decisions that haven't been the wisest as it's turned out. But a great ownwer nonetheless. But it's pro sports and no one is going to let you win out of sympathy.

But the way I see Hamilton fans and this franchise and this city which is apathetic I think, 2 more seasons without a playoff appearance and well, hate to say it but it doesn't look good. There are too many people in this city that don't care about the Cats. Sad but true.

Most teams would draw big crowds for there season opener, I don't get why Hamilton fans are so odd. It's a new season anything could happen. Casey could pass for over 6000 yard... Jesse could rush for over 1200 this year.... we could win the Grey Cup... anything could happen....