Hamilton :Stampeders vs Argonauts

It was made official Stamps @ Argos in Hamilton.

Not sure how many Argo fans will make the road trip.
Also not sure how many Ti-Cats fans will care enough to buy tickets for 2 teams that they have no love for.

However, I have a request for any Cats fans who will be attending the game.

I figure Cats fans do not like the Stamps anymore then they like the Argos , HOWEVER:

Please adopt the Stamps as your team for this game. You guys are in a race for first. Cheering for the Stamps will be the same as cheering for your own Cats.

Lets all do what we can to see another Stamps - Cats Grey Cup.

Shouldn't it be a huge Argo crowd?
After all Toronto fans have always said that attendance is low because the Rogers Centre is a terrible place for football.
Now they are going to play at THF so you would think that Argo fans will pack the place, no excuses now...... :roll:

Not just a matter of a new venue. New ownership will need the entire off season to win back fans. I think a lot of casual fans walked because of the lousy venue and horrible treatment by Roger (of both the team and their fans). Just a move to a new venue is not enough, they will need to make use of the space around the venue for pre game festivities.

I don't think there are enough Argo fans left to fill the coffee cup. I don't think they have enough fans left to fill Varsity which would make it an even better spot.

think they'll get treated better by the TFC fans?

they are still the unwanted step-son living in your basement.

no excuses for Argos fans? How about this one.... their team is playing in ANOTHER CITY!

would you also expect 25,000 Hamiltonians to make the trek to Toronto for a regular season game?
and against a non-rival team as well?

Plus, fans we're given only 5 days notice that the move was a sure thing after weeks of wishy washy maybe we'll play here, maybe not.

If they top 10K for this game, it will be a marvel in of itself.

If I have to be honest with myself, I'm not sure I make the trip to Montreal if an Ottawa home game was moved there. Mind you, if MOST of my home games were moved there, I'd be more willing to make the necessary arrangements, work things out with friends, whatever.

If Ottawa served as a neutral site for a game between Eastern and Western teams, I'm not sure I would go, either. There would have to be something at stake involving Ottawa, such as a loss by the Eastern team clinching a playoff spot, a specific position in the standing, etc. Otherwise, I'm just not that interested. I'm an Ottawa fan and everyone else is the enemy.

I'm definitely going.
Only the fourth time to see my team play this year. :frowning:

FYI, from what I saw of the seating plan for this game, all seats are on the side opposite to the team benches. No seats sold on the dressing rooms side. Should be interesting.

That's just so the stands look full on tv. The broadcast booth is on the west side

Ontario population is 13,678,740. Toronto population is 6,055,724. And you can't fill a stadium? Holy cow......

What? There's a football stadium in Toronto? Where? :wink:

Have you seen any of the Blue Jays home games in the MLB playoffs?
Yes, we can fill a stadium (47,000+) - if the fans are interested.

Btw, Toronto population is not 6,055,724.
Where did you get that number?

Who cares what TFC fans think of the Argos? There is a huge difference between Rogers not liking the Argos and TFC FANS not liking them.

The Argos won’t get terrible dates for games like Tuesdays when they’re at BMO. They’ll be getting Friday and Saturday night games on a routine basis just like all the other CFL teams. Then things will be on a level playing field.

The real plus is that the Argos owners have a shared ownership of TFC. Unlike the truly toxic relationship between the Jays and Argos.

Not that it makes his point any more valid but he’s probably using what used to be called EMA (Extended Market Areas) measurements…think it’s called Census Agglomeration now. Think Toronto’s includes Oshawa and Burlington…whether or not that’s valid in the argument I don’t know.

The population of any market in relation to attendance is a moot point really, it’s all about the demand a club can create for their product…or lack thereof. Vancouver is in a similar situation with a EMA close to 3 million and an inability to get more than 20,000 to pay for tickets to a game. The extreme contrast is Regina where they can fill a park every game with a population of 200,000 but suffice to say football is a popular sport for the stubblejumpers.

Lots of issues factor into attendance of any CFL Club and their performance on the field is only one of them. Geographic size of the market is important (not many are going to hike in from Abbotsford or Burlington for games DT), as is the Club’s marketing, the local economy, competitive sports options and so on…

Regina's EMA is a lot bigger than 200k and reaches a lot farther than Burlington or Oshawa are away from Skydump. They draw from all over the province including Saskatoon. They may be the exception but a good indication why that type of rationalization of population to attendence just doesn't work.

I thought everyone on here was a CFL and football fan. I am a life long Argo fan and long time season ticket holder, yet I go to most games in Hamilton because I love to watch football. I don't get the people who won't travel half an hour to watch a game because their team is not playing. The CFL needs our support. The Argos need our support, so I say everyone who can make it should try to get there. This country just has too many excuse makers. It's only 10 days out of an entire year that your team plays at home. How hard is it to arrange getting to those games? Or even the ones played just outside your city. Maybe I am the exception, as I just drove to watch the Argos play in Ottawa and then the following weekend drove to watch them play in Montreal. Hamilton is a piece of cake as far as travel goes, and this is the chance for some Argo fans to sit out in the cold to see what BMO field will have to offer next year..... plus Hamilton allows tailgating in the parking lots around the stadium. Everything some so called football fans say they need. I am really hoping the place is packed, but probably just the one side, which might look good, but I would find it a big disappointment, as will the Argo players.

But you can't link population to football support. Look at the Riders, they have the highest attendance in the CFL but the lowest population base. Green Bay Packers have over 65,000 average attendance but their metro population is less than 150,000 their closest population base in Miwaukee 200km away.
Forty years ago the population in the area was 1 million and the Argos were averaging 35k at Ex stadium, forty years later the population is 6 to 8 million and the Argos averaging 17k
The GTA is just not CFL country, Torontonians will not be driving to Hamilton to watch their team. The Argos at BMO are going to be a hard sell too.

Any hope of a decent walk-up for the game is pretty much shot too with Jays Game 2 now scheduled for the same time as the Argos - Stamps game. It should actually be a good game though.

A serious downpour of heavy hail just now in Toronto.
I'll have to remember to bring a hard hat to this game tomorrow. :x