Hamilton Stadium upgrades for Grey Cup

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Golly! Who needs a football game when you have all those entertainment stages? :grin:


Strange in a way buy attracting younger fans - is as easy as throwing a huge party. Sounds like Hamilton wants to do it right.

We’ve been experiencing this “entertainment” and not seeing football for years now

Just give me dogs chasing frisbee;s and I am entertained.


“Spanning three midfield sections overlooking the field of play, these new premium private spaces will provide an intimate hosting space with stadium-best sightlines, while still being connected to the energy of a full-capacity stadium experience.”

I wonder if this means putting in private suites between the upper and lower decks on both sides where fans usually stand in front of the concession areas?

They wouldn’t qualify as “suites,” and are being called “private viewing spaces.” This, among the artist’s conceptions, would seem to confirm your thought on where they’ll be located.


Judging by how the fans are dressed,it looks like November 19 will be very warm in Hamilton.


…and sold out too!

These will keep people out of the concourse and in their seats during the game at least. ( maybe)


They concourse is already tight, this will bottle neck it even more.

I suspect the stages will be for Grey Cup week, the hours before the game and halftime. Doubt they’re used as the games going on.

Oh how could i forget, the stage will also be used for the Grey Cup presentation to the ticats after they win the game.


I wonder how much they will cost?
My guess is $1,000

The disabled seating is on the edge of the concourse. I wonder where they are planning to shuffle those people off to?

Interesting concept though - possibility to close these huts to the elements with private drink and food service. Agree they would probably go for at least $1000 - maybe a slightly cheaper club seating option.

Also, as someone else mentioned, concourses likely to be a zoo and extremely crowded unless they work something else out.

It says in the graphic the Private viewing seats will be between the 35 yard lines only

I thought the disabled seating spanned the whole concourse but could be mistaken.

Disabled seating is in the concourse endzone sections. Each area has room for the fan and one attendant.

In the Interview posted by the Ticats today, they said the “private” seating areas will be up for the June 23rd opening game for everyone to see.

My great friend Dylan and his father sit in a disabled seat at approx the 40 yard line, west side, south end.

That’s exactly where these lounge seats will be (35 to 35). It’ll be interesting where they move them to.

I read (Steve Milton) that the private seating between the 35 yard lines is on the East Concourse only.