Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame First 12 Inductees


Westdale HS has four (4) grads on the list! I was coached by both Laforme (Rowing) and Braley (Football). Howell pep talked our Westdale Hockey team, and Jackson presented me with my Westdale MVP award (named after him). These are very deserving men. This HoF has been a long time needed! :thup:

Congratulations to the inaugural group of inductees to the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame announced yesterday:

David Braley
Jackie Callura
Bill Friday
Harry Howell
Russ Jackson
Mel LaForme
Ray Lewis
Joanne Malar
Claude Saunders
Billy Sherring
Jimmy Thompson
The 1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Here are two good articles in today's Hamilton Spectator about the inductees:

"The Inaugural Class of the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame";


"History is now preserved for Hamilton greats" by John Kernaghan;


The last paragraph of the Kernaghan article is intriguing.
"The hall of fame will exist as a website initially but plans to settle into a real location, perhaps as part of Hamilton's Pan Am stadium."

I had the honour and pleasure of having Mr. Mel Laforme as teacher in various courses from Geography, History, Philosophy, and Gym in high school. He was by far my favourite teacher in high school. He is also a big football and Tiger Cats fan I can remember coming to school on fridays the day after our games, all our football games were on thursdays in H.S., we would spend the majority of the period going over the game the night before, I'm glad he made the list.

Way to go Mr. Laforme!!!!!

There is another Westdale Warrior who will be in this hall of fame. Jim Young(“Dirty Thirty”) the Queens’ grad who went to the Vikings and later the B.C. Lions. I was very pleased to see Bob Krouse, Willie Bethea, and the rest of the 67 Grey Cup team inducted. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old Westdale Warrior in section 7)

Bethea and Krouse do it again! The Tiger Cats Wall of Honour welcomes two very deserving players from the best TiCat team ever.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Jim Young was in town this past year to be included in the Westdale Secondary School hall of Fame, young man.