Hamilton Sports Group reveals plans for Grey Cup Festival

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Sports Group unveiled Tuesday, a big, bold Grey Cup Festival that will show off the city and showcase the region this November 13 to 19.

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Pretty full agenda. Certainly more partying than the 2021 Covid Cup. Interesting they are using Niagara Falls casino resort, as well as hotels and shuttle buses from there. (Hamilton never has enough hotel space)
As a Hamiltonian, i welcome CFL Nation to the Hammer. The party is on!


The Grey Cup & Santa Claus? Life is getting very strange.

we are actually up to 16 hotels within city limits, not including Burlington of the Niagara Way.

The 1996 festival here also had a combined Santa/Grey Cup parade.

Perhaps Santa should present the Cup to the winners,it would probably go over better than Randy.

This might cause some confusion. People won’t know if its Santa or Matt Dunigan presenting the cup.


Have Dunigan present the cup dressed up as Santa. Best of both worlds. :wink:


But only 4 hotels in the downtown area, the others are out in the burbs or very small B&B type hotels.
The total rooms available are only around 1,000 and spread out all over.
It’s smart to encourage fans to stay in Niagara Falls where there is not only thousands of hotel rooms but attractions, restaurants and things to see. And the shuttles to/from Niagara a great idea.

For all you out of towners coming in for the big game no worries about accommodations just bring your own tent and supplies and pitch it and make camp wherever you please . Believe me there is lots of spots all over the place in the downtown city core and beyond in our beautiful city.

it isn’t far from west hamilton, hamilton mountain, east hamilton, to the stadium. I believe there are 14 hotels that would be a easy uber ride/cab ride/bus to the stadium.

Why would you want to be traipsing all over the area if you’re from out of town and likely drinking?

no dice dude.

Why not stay in Niagara where there are things to see, things to do, a casino with great entertainment, decent restaurants and a FREE shuttle to THF?

Im sure GO transit will put on extra trains for the thousands of Argo fans that will descend on Hamilton to cheer on their team.