Hamilton Spectator

I have read numerous threads in the past slamming the Hamilton Spec's coverage of the ticats. I have even agreed with some of them.

But I must say that I am VERY IMPRESSED with their coverage of training camp. Articles that are 2 full pages, GREAT :thup: :thup:

Keep up the EXCELLENT work. Looking forward to reading the Spec all season long and hopefully up to and including the day after the big game.

I agree, dummymaker. The only thing I'd still like to see is news from other camps around the CFL. Given that Torstar owns the Spec, it's surprising that it hasn't carried any A*&% news. I wonder if Torstar has ever considered swapping stories with the Canwest chain to split coverage of the whole CFL ... to create something like (CP) for football news? The only market where they directly compete is Toronto.

I'm not looking to start a war here, but as a member of the print media I will say the Hamilton Spectator is very highly regarded in the industry. So much so they recently had a visitor from the print media in another country spend a month with them to observe.


The Spec has been great with their coverage. Hopefully this level of attention to the team continues through the season.

Toronto papers have been woefully inadequate in their coverage of the home team (The Star especially). If I were a fan, I would be sick of reading about Ricky Williams by now and want to know more about what's happening with the players who actually have a good chance of seeing the field.

Despite their tabliod-esq coverage of the Claridge story, i still like the spec and find their ticat news refreshing and very helpful. But they always have a lot of stories during camp, they should write more about the cats during the season. (at least in my opinion they should)

I haven't read the Spectator since their amazingly ignorant TOS that one has to be a print subscriber in order to get access to the same articles online. Waste of many trees.

I know they've recently changed their decision, and I may be changing my decision, too.