Hamilton Spectator vs Toronto Sun CFL coverage

I have to admit I love reading the Hamilton Spectator. Love the local stories and the community feel. However, I am not thrilled with the coverage they give lately to the Ticats and the CFL as a whole.

Steve Milton and Drew Edwards do a terrific job with their daily stories. Unfortunately that is ALL we get - essentially two Ticats/CFL stories per day.

One would have absolutely no idea that the biggest game of the year in Hamilton was about to take place if you went by the Spec's coverage alone.

The Saturday paper had a great article on Emmanuel Davis, one other story and a very small "Gameday" slot. What-thats the best the Sports Editor can do??

In comparison, the Toronto Sun has exceptional coverage. I subscribe to both papers. You won't believe the difference in the number of articles devoted to the Ticats, Argos and CFL in general.

I have all of last week's sports sections right in front of me. The Spectator ran 2 Ticats/CFL stories Friday, 3 on Saturday and 3 today. That's a total of 8 CFL related stories from Friday to Tuesday. The Toronto Sun, in comparison published an unbelievable 38 CFL stories over the same time frame - 4 times the amount of coverage!!

To top it off, every week the Sun publishes the two page "CFL Blitz" during the week -power rankings, coaches comments, articles and many CFL tidbits of information. Love reading it every week.

The Spec takes sindicated American oddball stories on page 2 every day, a full page Nascar section, etc, etc.

Time to pick up the coverage Spectator!!!!!

The Toronto Sun's CFL coverage is second to none. It has excellent CFL articles every day, not just on gsme days. The National Post is not very good. The Toronto Star grudgingly includes the odd Argo/CFL piece. The Globe and Mail has never heard of the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

I follow both Drew and Milton on Twitter. I get their stories that way.

I no longer have a need for the Spec, since my budgie died.

The Sun on the other hand, has amazing Sports coverage…especially for the CFL.

Maybe the times have changed. When Paul Godfrey was with the Sun, the CFL didn't exist. It was all NFL, all the time. I'd still rather read the Spec and get the rest of my football fix from" that there innernet".

Pat Lynch(the old guy who barely survived the heat on Labour Day)

The Spec is not what it used to be seems they publish all the bad news now and the good stuff is tucked away some place

The Spec has been on a steady decline since it went to a morning paper. Most stories are now CP or AP articles with little local content. I cancelled my sub many years ago and dont miss it a bit.

Considering that the online site 3DownNation is produced by The Hamilton Spectator - I would say The Spec does an EXCELLENT job at covering the CFL.

Join the digital world guys.

3DownNation is produced by the Hamilton Spectator, a division of Metroland Media Group Ltd.

The Game day coverages are so limited compared to years past , the Spec used to have way more Ticat info like a positional Depth chart :thdn: vs Argos etc


With all due respect, yes a very good website that many enjoy. However, you are comparing apples to oranges. We are discussing the newspaper. The Spectator sports page unfortunately is simply not up to par anymore.
I am not an old guy. I am completely in tune with the digital world and social media. But to be blunt, I subscribe to both the Spec and Sun newspapers. I prefer the feel of the paper in my hand, prefer having a physical book in my hand instead of a "kindle" and prefer leafing through the glossy pages of Sportsnet magazine (that I also subscribe to) rather than spending hours in front of my computer or laptop. That is what I do at work everyday. When I get home I want my hometown newspaper to cover the only professional team this city has in a manner that every other major paper covers their sports teams...would be happy if they even doubled their CFL coverage.
But come on 8 CFL articles compared to 37 is not an EXCELLENT job in my opinion.

But the Sun has newspapers in almost every city where there is a CFL team and over half the articles you are reading in the Toronto Sun - are not Toronto Sun reports. They are from the Ottawa Sun, or the Winnipeg Sun, or the Calgary Sun or the Edmonton Sun reprinted in the Toronto Sun.

To compare that to the Spec is also very much an apples to oranges comparison too. Individual papers can't have the expansive local sports coverage they used to have because of how many fewer people are reading newspapers and the severe drop in advertising revenue related to that.

Hence the move to online coverage like the EXCELLENT coverage the Spec gives through 3DownNation.

Pat. I love the discussion but you really need to get your facts straight. I have mentioned that to you previously in the thread you post about TV ratings. I work in an industry that works very closely with the Canadian media. I have many media contacts, both TV and print.

First off- of the 37 CFL articles that the Toronto Sun ran last weekend, 27 (yes 27) were written by Toronto Sun scribes - not Edmonton, Ottawa, etc as you mention. Frank Zicarelli, Mike Ganter and Terry Koshan wrote the 27 articles.

Secondly - and again disclosure…I have grown up with the Hamilton Spectator and am simply disappointed in the overall effort they put towards their Sports section. It wasn’t long ago they had a similar pullout sports section like the Sun currently has.

Thirdly - and again no disrespect as I like reading your posts, although many are not factual - just posting stuff you read on the Internet (without any confirmation from the sources - ie your insistence last year that the CFL wants to stay away from Sunday games - true media insiders know it is the opposite). Sunday is the best day for football.

Sorry got off topic on my 3rd point - your comment about the Sun using other papers for the bulk of their sports stories was laughable. The Spectator, unfortunately, is one of the worst…if not the worst offender in Canada. Take a look at a regular Spec sports page… so many of their articles are pulled from the wires - Associated Press. Today for example - pages 2,3,4 and 5 of a measly 6 page saports page are ALL AP or stats posted from anothe source.

In closing, again I love the Spec but they need to improve the Sports section immensely!!!

Might the fact that for every one reader of the Spec there are more than 5 readers of the Sun - which I assume would translate into a similar increase in revenue to be able to pay sports reporters to cover teams. And with multiple pro teams playing year round in Toronto the Sun would have assignments year round for the reporters that cover the Argos. Those same reporters at other times of year would be on the Leafs or Raps beat or even assigned to Bills games too.

Also assuming your figure was right with there being 27 of 37 CFL related stories being from Toronto Sun writers - how many of those 27 stories ended up in the other Sun newspapers across the country? In other words being able to pay for those reports because they appear in multiple papers across the Sun chain.

Huge advantages of economy of scale for the Sun sports department versus The Spec's.

But if the Spec Readership is dropping couldn't this be why, because the paper sucks now? I think so

Readership is dropping because of the internet. Hundreds of newspapers around the world have gone out of business completely in the last 10 years because fewer and fewer people expect to get their news from a hard copy morning newspaper.

And as much as some of us might not like it a good number of people - who still read hard copy morning newspapers completely skip or at least gloss over the sports sections. So most newspapers don't pour a ton of money into that section any longer as for most papers the revenue is just not there to support the expense of an expansive sports department. It is also why more and more sports print journalists have ended up at online sites like sportsnet.ca or Yahoo Sports and no longer work for the newspapers.

Other than when a team has caught the imagination of a city - like the Jays right now - viewership is not all that great for the sports segments on many local newscasts either - and that is why it is often one of the first areas cut back on in local newscasts. The assumption being the sportss fans are getting their sports fix on the sports networks - so much less of a local newscast is dedicated to sports than what would have happened 15 years ago.

Its a business decision that we might not like but for newspaper publishers makes sense.

Every morning I get most of my sports news from online sources because I find it too frustrating that the papers rarely have scores, game stories or updated standings that include the games played the night before I'm reading it.

Heck before I go to bed I've read online stories about games and seen highlights of those games that don't even have the score listed the next morning in the paper because of publishing deadlines. So I rarely read a hard copy sports section in any newspaper any longer.

The Toronto Sun does a great job on covering the Argo's and Cats and CFL in general, stories, stats, latest trades, injury reports, game highlights and commentary.

I can't get the Spec where I live in the country and too far away but what I see from the on-line edition it's not very much the only other would be 3 Down Nation with Drew Edwards but I still prefer the Scratching Post better that Drew had before for on-line Cats talk.

The Tiger-Cat TV on the Cats web site is great with the videos and updated reports, media scrums with coach Austin. Maybe add more media on Ti-Cats TV.