Hamilton Spectator stories (7) Tuesday edition

In a neat, tidy package, here they are:

  1. Cuts keep coming

2)Not sure this will do it

3)Players sorry to see Paopao go

4)Taaffe strong candidate for Ticat job

5)Belli gets kiss off

6)Timeline of a lost season

  1. It went wrong as aesy as 1-2-3

Lots of reading! :o


Thanks for these.

An Argo fan

Well I just think it's helps those surfing in from afar who aren't familiar with where to go for these stories.....and to those unforunate souls still on "dial-up" too who must go crazy seeking out links...

.....dial-up bad! :thdn:

Hey Mikey. Thanks.
I for one appreciate getting to read these articles as the only Spec I see is the Saturday paper as it is imported to Sudbury.

Thanks Mikey! Good to see the articles! :thup:

Ronnie Telling it like is ..

Thanks mikey

Joy !oh Joy!

Steve Milton and John Kernaghan are two good Sports writers!

For Joy ,I read some intelligent writing about my favorite team for bloody well once and it's about damn time ....geeezzzze!!! :thup: :thup:

Go away K.P...please.