Hamilton Spectator Screws Up....Again !!

8) According to this mornings Spec, the game tomorrow starts at 4PM !!
  In bold print on the game preview page, it states Game Time :  4pm.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 
  Even in the Specs TV listings the game is advertised at 4pm.

   What a real joke this paper has become !!  Does no one there even proof read what is going into the paper ???

    I'm sure that some people who watch the game on TV, would assume that it has now been changed to 4pm.

     Totally inexcusable,  I'm sure the TiCats are not happy with this major screw up    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

ESPN is showing
Saturday: 3 PM Sask/Calgary
Sunday: 1 PM Ottawa/Hamilton
4 PM Montreal/Edmonton

They are a joke of a newspaper, the game day coverage compared to say the Jays playoff run! Was small and has been shrinking every year, 4pm what a bunch of Morons! :thup:

8) How right you are !! Calling them morons is being way too kind to them !!! :lol:

Going by today's sports section, one would think there wasn't a frickin' World Series Game on last night - no mention of it. The Hamilton Spectator the (NON)voice of the community for way too long!

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :cowboy:

And yet everything you guys are whining about is in the online edition. It has the correct time for Sundays game, and has the story about last night's World Series game (which went too late for it to appear in the hard copy version.)

But don't let that get in the way of a self-righteous rant.....

Not on ESPN here in Florida. Damn.

Well yeah they can fix the time once they realize on the website. But they can't change the newspaper can they.

They are on ESPN 3, I use ESPN in general didn,t mean the ESPN main channel. Sorry about that.

8) So much for your intelligent comment regarding this topic !!
 I actually talked to some one with season tickets today, and they missed the whole game because they went by the 
 start time that the spec advertised in Saturdays edition !!

 Granted, they should have checked their season tickets and also the official schedule regarding the start time of 
  the game, but they actually believed the bogus start time as reported by our illustrious Spectator, Sat. morning.

  I told them they should ask the Spec to give them a refund on their tickets for the game, since they are the ones that
   made the major screw up on the start time !!

   The spec is a complete joke, and a word of advice to any one, don't  believe anything the spec reports in the future !!

Nope, pretty sure your friends are the ones that made the major screw up.
Tickets, TSN, CFL schedule , ...did
I mention tickets?

I know, everybody is responsible for other peoples mistakes :roll:

I also find it ridiculously convenient that YOU are the one they ran into....hmmmm