Hamilton Spectator Rates Leafs Ahead of Ticats/Bulldogs?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats achieved a critical victory last night over their long-time Argo rivals in their quest for second place in the CFL East and a home playoff game. Meanwhile, the Hamilton Bulldogs picked up a nice 3-0 road win over the San Antonio Rampage last night to run their record to 5-0-1 this season. It was a very good night for the two main professional sports teams in Hamilton.

Fast forward to this morning. Page one of the sports section in the Saturday edition of The Hamilton Spectator contains a large picture and story about Luke Schenn of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Reports of the Ticat victory are on page three. The Bulldogs' victory is on page five.

Spectator reporters Steve Milton and Drew Edwards have done a nice job of covering the Ticats this year as has Garry McKay in his coverage of the Bulldogs but it is a mystery as to why the sports editors at The Hamilton Spectator would relegate news of big wins by the Ticats and Bulldogs behind an article about a player on a Maple Leaf hockey team with owners who have all but killed Hamilton's dream for an NHL team. One hopes that they reconsider their position and place Hamilton sports teams' stories first in Hamilton's major newspaper.

For some unexplainable reason, there are people here fascinated with the ever so crappy maple leafs. Why?!? They suck like the argo’s, they have the same colours, from the same city and use the same horn when they score. Cheer for a REAL canadian team, GO FLAMES GO!

That is the dumbest thing iv ever herd! Leafs are a horrible franchise! They rip off there fans SOO bad EVERY year year in and year out! To have them on the front page after being SOO fucking shitty sickens me! Leafs are a joke! There fans are so clueless.I hate the leafs! This is horrible! As for cheering on a real Canadian hockey team, ill cheer on Team Canada! My NHL team is the pens who are in first place and defending SC champs! Its funny, cuz the only people to tell me Crosby sucks are ALWAYS leafs fans! Im outraged! I wonder if Cats win the cup and leafs actual win ONE game who would get the front page!

Thank you TCTD, I was going to go out and pick up a paper copy of the Spec rag this morning but not now and never again. Piece of crap Toronto paper owned by The Star. Hey, some good articles on the Ticats by Milton, Edwards and some excellent TiCat coverage but that tops it,

Luke Schenn of the Leafs on the front page after a big TiCats victory? Garbage paper. Shove it Spec. Toronto can't handle the Argos missed the playoffs two years in a row in the little ol' CFL, too bad. And their hockey team couldn't beat a junior B team.

Too many leaf blowers in this city if you catch my drift :wink:

8) I have all but given up complaining about this every day occurence, TCTD.
 The Loser Leafs have gotten front page coverage in the Spec Sports section for years and years now, all at the 

 expense of the TiCats.

 Some things never change at all.

 What do you expect though, when the spec is owned by Torstar.

 A real slap in the face to The Cats, and their fans as well !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

If I were a sports editor my priorities would be:

  1. Local sports first
  2. Canadian sports second
  3. Foreign sports third
    I wonder where I could get a job as a sports editor. It can't be that difficult a job to do.

Best part for me was that the spelled Luke Schenn's name wrong in the big headline. It says "Shenn's homecoming on thin ice." :lol:

I'm a Leafs fan, but I'm a Cats fan first. No way should the Leafs be on the front page, especially after a big Cats win last night. Completely ludicrous not to lead with the Tabbies.

Look, I'm not even a Leafs fan but do realize there are a lot of Leaf fans in Hamilton and area and having front page coverage of the Leafs in hockey season a fair bit of the time I have no problem with but the Bulldogs should get some front page stuff after a big win even if the Leafs played the same night and won. But here we are talking no Leafs game and a huge win for the Cats over Toronto! And no front page photo? Unbelievable, just unreal. The problem is even without buying a paper for the Spec or Star, going on their websites which I do increases their hits and better for TorStar for advertising bucks. The boogers have me either way. :cry:

I just cannot stomach the Leafs, being a die-hard fan since I was 6 years old and now knowing their jackass corporate office is the reason I cannot go to Copps and enjoy NHL hockey makes me sick to my stomach, I haven't watched an NHL game all season. I'll stick to CFL until I see a Hamilton NHL team, which will be a while.

I can't believe what I saw this morning in the Spec. I wish there was another Hamilton paper in this city. This Liberal, lefty paper needs some competition...I'm thinking a roll of Charmin. :cowboy:

The Hamilton Spectator is owned by TorStar whose crown jewel, the Toronto Star is a socialist fish wrap. By their fruits you shall know them.

I fail to see what the political leanings of a newspaper has to do with what game gets coverage on the front page of the sports section.

Stupid is as stupid does... or something like that.

Right on Ockham…What the hell do we care about the garbage leafs sitting a player…where’s the game coverage there. :cowboy: If it wasn’t for Milton’s columns I’d cancel the lefty arm of the “Liberal propaganda machine” in Hamilton. :cowboy:

So what do you expect? The Spectator is a TORSTAR newspaper. Maybe you should buy the sun


ANSWER: A Thief :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Headline news for Monday in the Spec.
Maple Leafs 0-7-1
Hey Mikem, I said Hamilton should have a alternative to the lefty trash Spec. The Sun is a T.O. paper, which is by the way ten times better than the spec. :cowboy:

Or better still...the Globe and Mail. They carry good CFL stuff including the Tiger-Cats.

But just try finding stories on the Tiger-Cats in that horrible rag the Toronto Star. Non-existent.

So why would the Spec have to give the Leafs preference over the Tiger-Cats? Makes no sense at all. Unless they were told by Torstar to do it.

Yup buckwheat, I WANT to see a huge spread on the Leafs on Monday, huge mult-page spread on how crap the team is and can't win a game. Hey, maybe I'll buy a copy then. Torstar should be able to do this. :wink: