Hamilton Spectator Pullout

What the heck is it with the Spectator.....they must have the same guys that work the Roger's Centre scoreboard, working for them.

I'd rather be 1-5 than be from Winnipeg?

Sorry, i'd rather be 5-1 and be from anywhere and be a Tiger=Cat fan, that doesn't go insulting about where people come from.

LOL! i saw that. wonder what trained monkey typed that one.

We always complain about what people say about Hamilton. This is just as bad.

It shows a lack of orginality on the paper's part.

The Spec really slipped up on this one.I don't think I'd want anyone I know taking THAT to Ivor Wynn tonight.Let's show a little respect for the visiting team,huh?

Once again our rag of a newspaper drops the ball and looks really stupid in doing so.

What a joke.

Of course, we would all be gloating if it was lampooning the blue team… lol

i'm still laughing.

boo winnipeg!

i thought it was pretty funny aswell :smiley: does it say something different when you fold it up ? (i havent tried yet)

ooooo mad magazine style, good idea

Expect nothing less from a TorStar owned paper.

BTW Argos #### too.

well i folded it up and theres no other message or anything, just a crappy booklet

I agree this is a very unprofessional move by the Specs. " sports dept". I really think the new " sports editor " who hasn't done anything to better the sports section as of yet should learn about sportmanship and not print anything like on the lineup sheet. We all get one at the game anyway without STUPID comments !!!!