Hamilton Spectator dropping the Ball

purchased the Sunday Sun today with 11 pages dedicated to today's game , compared to like 4 pages in the spec , the spec should go back to the way it used to be a separate insert dedicated to game day with positional breakdowns and more statistical analysis the Sun today is right on the money check it out! :cowboy:

I remember those days fondly! It is a shame because this is the one game of the year where there will be heightened interest because of the stakes involved AND the rivalry with T.O.!

Oski Wee Wee,


I looked at the Toronto Star (hate to admit it!) and all they have today (Sunday) is a small piece by Damien Cox, mainly on the rivalry with some cursory observations on Ray and Burris.
If the Leafs or Jays were one game away from the Stanley Cup there would be huge coverage. :cry:

What do you expect? The spec is owned by the Toronto Red Star.

Us millions of CFL fans need to start putting our money where are mouths are and only support businesses that sponsor the CFL. Buy the Toronto Sun, National Post, Nissan, Telus, Tim's, etc etc so they renew their sponsorship and the others take notice.