Hamilton signs Bulcke

Looks like Hamilton will make up its shortfall on the Oline by playing a couple Candadians on the dline.

Hamilton will have plenty of talent to fill the Oline positions this season.

They need more help on the Dline that was inconsistent and ineffective last season

Hage, Dyakowski, O'Neill, Wojt, Husband, Baillargeon, Filer and Mederios are Canadian o-lineman on the roster. Add in any 2013 draft picks that could be in camp, and I fail to see any shortfall.

If Moe Petrus shows up at camp we're probably looking at a four N/I O Line, Matt Sewell would be a nice addition to develop.

We will see. Which of those are your tackles again ?

The Cats don't start NIs at tackle. Last year they started Brian Simmons (who they re-signed) and Marc Dile (who wasn't very good, but should hopefully improve seeing as he was just a rookie last year). Not starting NIs at tackle doesn't mean the team has a shortfall of Canadian talent along the o-line. It's just the way the team has decided to use the ratio the last couple of years. Whether you or I or anyone agrees with that decision is irrelevant. I would prefer the team play more NIs on the line, but if they don't that doesn't mean there is a shortfall.

Once again, the Als fans believe that the ONLY way to do things is the way Popp does things.

However, "there is there is more than one way to skin a cat".

great start to addressing DLine. Bulcke coming from a great DI University in Stanford has hit the ground running since his rookie season in the CFL. Gives them instant depth as a NI he can start or come in as a rotational guy on the interior making his spot on the NI portion of the roster not just a special teamer.
With first pick I would look for them to take CFL ready Lyndon Gadosh with the first overall pick.
lest we not forget that the the Cats already have Ni from Laval rookie in 2011 in Fortin along with a pair of other Laval draft picks in 2012. Nadaon one of those picks cna be a rotatinal guy on the Dline and he is also a great special teamer. Of course waiting to see what happens with Plesius and the NFL. In the Vanier Cup he already looked like a pro starter and was that much better than anyone on the field dominating the game on defense and on specials.

How's that worked for you guys ?

Last year, we used six non-imports on offence and one (sometimes two) on defence. The side we used our NIs on did pretty well. It was our defence, where we used mostly imports, was our weak spot.

So I'd say it worked out pretty well last year.

I Imagine we'll have 6 offensive N/I starters again, plus Bartel and Congi on ST, then Williams at DE and i'm assuming Bulcke at DT?Then we'll also have 3 N/I DB's if we choose to go that way and possibly Plesius/Eiben if we choose to rotate.

"How's that worked for you guys ?"

Oh, about as well as your defense and special teams worked for the last couple of seasons.

And tell me how Popp addressed those problems...not yet ..you say???

And it's approaching the end of February and he just hired his coach...whooo...better get a move on!!!

I guess there will be problems when you "work from your kitchen".

I do hope you sign those two Laval players drafted last year. With the acquired additions to your defense, I believe your 2013 team has additional strength from last years group. The TiCats will certainly be a contending team this coming season!