Hamilton shows off their roster depth

In a response to the Argos back ups Hamilton showed off some of their roster depth as well. A pair of CB that were mid to late season signings. NFL/AFL journeyman James Rogers hitting his prime years at age 25 and true rookie Ryan Lacy signed on October 2nd from Utah. CFL vet Dee Webb returned to the line up as well after a year of injuries.
More impressive was the play of their 2nd team LBs Bowman who really is a starter but has been injured all season along with Canadian true rookie Plesius getting his shot to start at MLB along with another true rookie and small school find out of the U of California, PA DII. Another potentially great LB to be in Canadian T.O. Prime who joined the Cats after getting through final NFL cuts was able to make a play scooping up a fumble for a TD is also in his first pro season.
Returner Tavoy Moore also showed that he is a worthy of being a top returner in the CFL since going to the second team with the arrival of Banks.
On the Oline Wojt and Dile got the day off both of whom are starting players and both showed versatility through some Oline injuries. Onrea Jones proved to be a number 1 receiver when needed and that Oline working with Chevy and the Cats showed the potential to go into the playoffs with an explosive RB ready to take some snaps that could make him and gable a great 1 - 2 punch.
Hamilton's top Dlineman got the day off but the rest of the young Dline rotation did not miss a beat