hamilton should switch home/away instead of Mac stadium

It's not right for the Tiger Cats to play at a minor league stadium. Not good for them or the league. Don't worry about other teams selling out. They would be coming to Winnipeg and they would pack that place as they should be doing well in the standings by then.

What a stupid thread!!! Go away and gok to your own Bummers forum!

Just stating what every person who viewed this thread thought but were too polite to respond :thdn:

There is no way the league in going to allow the July 31 game to be played at Mac.

This is the only game on the ESPN Main Network this season this season (not way up the dial on ESPN2 or online of ESPN3). ESPN get millions of viewers every night and is the go to channel when every male american turns on their TV. It will be the most watch CFL game this season (worldwide). You can’t have US nationally televised game “Monday night football-like on the big stage” shown at at a stadium that wouldn’t even be good enough for an average US high school.

The highest rated program on the main ESPN network last Thursday drew just over 700,000 viewers according to TV BY the Numbers.

'Millions' do not watch every program on ESPN every night. When it is a 'big' game - sure they draw millions of viewers - but the CFL is not going to be a 'big' draw for American viewers. At best it might hit 500,000 - 700,000 viewers would be my guess.

Even some NCAA Thursday night games on ESPN were just over 1.3 million viewers last fall and I'm fairly certain a CFL game is not going to attract as many viewers to ESPN as an NCAA game would. I'm sure the TSN announcers will be talking up the fact that this game is at Mac due to construction delays and they can show flattering shots of the new stadium talking up its features. Not that any of that will really matter. What is really needed is a good game.

They could be playing in the Taj Mahal - but if the game sucks - that would hurt the league more than a great game in a temp facility would.

Of course if they flip home and away games there won't be any tickets too sell, other than empty seats to the previously scheduled game.

first off all those tv numbers are not accurate. those numbers in united states do not show people at airports, phones, restaurants, las vegas (which probably will get about 50,000 in just restaurants alone) and also shown on espn affiliates in hotel resorts in and outside of the united states.

the number will be approx 15 million that will see ESPN..... don't be silly to think 1.3 million watch espn on thursday night college football. they get 1.3 probably in the city of los angeles alone.

who cares what # is posted. its the actual people that will see the game is what matters.

You are optimistic that you think you can psychologically control what americans and american sports fans think and do right? you have lots to learn about this issue.

Yes just tell them the truth and everything will be better. :smiley:

It is simply laughable the someone sitting behind their computer at home thinks they have all the answers for a professional football team, and the league they play in. The schedule is released months before the season start each year for a reason.

No offense to the original poster, but this is ridiculous.

so ridiculous the CFL is contemplating this idea. ok!

But not as ridiculous as saying millions will be watching. :roll:

Interesting that you say that and yet you seem to think that you know what they’ll think about Mac. A good game will sell itself.

The CFL isn’t though. The ticats have announced the contingency plans with 30% discounts to the Mac game. They aren’t going to go back on their decision and switch the games around again this late in the game.

I haven’t even touched upon the headache it would cause Ottawa and Winnipeg fans who may have made their own travel arrangements to each separate city for that particular game. Why would the CFL inconvenience TWO fanbases at the cost of ONE for a mess the other two had no part in creating.

Furthermore, Ottawa and Winnipeg coaches would not accept the swap because it means they would have to play an extended road trip later on in the season.

Some common sense is needed before creating threads like these. Give your head a shake

actually the idea of switching the first 2 home games was not that bad of an idea at least we would have a proper stadium to play in eventually

the league is considering it. they don't want the game on espn. obviously they get it.

Sad if that's the case unless McMaster doesn't want it which I hardly doubt is the case. :?

how is the league considering it. the ticats are already refunding tickets to the 2 games at THF and selling tickets to McMaster games. they aren't going to go back and refund those as well then re sell for games later on in the season. you can kiss the fanbase goodbye if they were to cancel the 2 games at mac after ppl already bought tickets. the game is in just over 2 weeks. there isn't enough time. This plus all the other issues i posted above

if they dont want the game on ESPN they can cancel the broadcast? simple as that. what if winnipeg doesn’t sell enough tickets in 14 days or fans can’t make it on short notice because they already had plans. How would another 24K in a 34K stadium look for an espn broadcast. enough people complained about the empty endzones after the home opener