Hamilton Should Forfeit Game With Argos

The Ticats should save the bus fare to Toronto and just forfeit that game on Saturday.

I mean now that Maas is gone, and with Printers not ready to play, they have nobody to play QB.

Oh you say they have Timmy Chang? From what I saw last week, this guy must have set all those passing records in Hawaii playing against hula girls.
Because he is not the answer. Now and proably never.

And their backup is another rookie who you just know will get "deer in the headlights" syndrome if he gets sent out there.

Tomorrows game will not even be worth watching. Even the Romans who pitted the lions against the Christians would call this an unfair mismatch.

So Ticats, stay home and don't come back until Casey Printers is ready. Because you won't stand a chance until that happens.

yea quit, that would really benefit the team.

I like to give every team a chance but if Jesse is out as well, this could get ugly. But forfeit...never.

berezin, I'm disappointed. Its a team game. Yes, on paper, it doesn't look good for Hamilton. (I picked Argos by 17 in Big Dave's pool). But,

What if Toronto thinks the way you do. What if they practice at 60% this week in practice. What if Michael Bishop's Children keep him up all night with the flu?

Upsets do happen. Thats why we play the game. I know those are big "What Ifs", but in this crazy game anything can happen!

a predict an upset and bish will get injured and we will have a mike mcmahon sighting. Defensive battle

ticats- 12

Thanks Rocket, I forgot about injuries.

What if the Hamilton Team Bus runs over Michael Bishops Big toe.........

You know, as much as I dislike Chang and think he's overrated, I feel I should stick up for him...

Now, I don't know if this topic is meant to be serious, or if it's just someone trying to act like Turkeybend... but regardless, last week was Chang's FIRST start of the season! And not only that, but he was playing against a team with a great defence and a newly rejuvenated offence! Kind of a losing battle if you ask me...

hehehe. Imagine the shrieking if Toronto actually loses the game. :slight_smile:

I think I'm just stating the obvious here. After watching Chang throw dead duck passes to no one last week, I just don't see how he'll be any better this week.

Unless Jesse Lumsden can play and have the game of his life, this game will be the Michael Bishop show. It might get so bad Mike McMahon may even throw a TD pass!

I'd expect Pinball to put Butler in actually, if they need a mop-up or relief in the second half. So a McMahon TD throw seems unlikely to me.

I'll pose this question to you, I might look bad because I honestly don't know the answer, but how did Bishop look in his first ever CFL start?

give chang a break dude it was his first cfl start

and if the argos come in to this week's game as confident as you are...they will get killed because they wont give it their all

and how can u tell that chang will probably never be the answer just from one half of football?

Hamilton may not have the best football team but at least they have decent fans like 6 other teams in the cfl.....Toronto being the odd one out

i bet when micheal bishop got hurt u werent saying the argos should forfeit the rest of their games until he comes back

After watching that game today, my opinion of Timmy Chang is even lower.

Hamilton shouldn’t have bothered making the trip down the road. This game was over by the first quarter.

As expected. Hopefully things get better with Printers.

ah yes. WE SUCK AGAIN! lol

The Eskies really needed the Cats to win! :lol: