Hamilton Secondary

Wayner Shaw needs to be replaced at safety. He is constantly out of the play and seldom if ever helps out on the coverages. Tay Cody may tackle but he is too short and cannot cover man to man making him a liability especially when Cats don't diguise their blitze package.

I totally agree with Shaw,worst safety in the league,by far..useless!, but disagree with Cody..he's around the ball and also can hit.

I agree that Cody can hit, the problem is he cant cover. He is around the ball all right but usually the ball is in the receivers hands cause he just gives too much room.

1 fumble recovery
1 interception

Yessir he can’t cover :roll:

That's not Cody it the System...
We don't Challenge WR at all...

It Stubers System From Toronto..
Kavis is Follower of It
The Bend but Don't Break.. Defence
Play Cover 2 and Get Pressure..

We just don't have Personal to play it..

we do need a safety

Listen up,

First off, the offence with Maas at the controls is killing this team. If he can't hit open receivers and can't find secondary receivers he isn't going to cut it in this league as a starter.
Now, getting back on topic (sorry I had to get this Maas thing off my chest....one quality QB would turn this team around).
Wayne Shaw is definitly the weak link on a rather good defence. This guy is not physical at all, poor tackler and never seems to be around to support the db's on the deep passes. To me, he doesn't belong in the same sentence as Sandy Beveridge. When Beveridge was out there, receivers were keeping their heads up.....this guy hits like a truck. Even on special teams he was a dynamo. I realize he's injured, but do we ever miss him at safety. I don't know what the love affair with Shaw is but it's definitly glaring on the field that this guy just doesn't have it.
I stated this last year and this year......you don't have to be able to "split atoms" to see that he's weak out there. I would even use a import back there at free safety if possible. Toronto uses Steinauer and they arguably have the best secondary in the league.
All the db's become instantly better when we have a big time, feared safety backing them up. :cowboy: