Here is an Idea. Toronto Should invite all of the Hamilton season ticket holders to the week after Labor day game as their guests. Placing all the Hamilton Season Ticket Holders behind the Hamilton Bench on the unused 3rd level. Other Hamilton fans can purchase tickets for a reasonable rate at $10.00.
The Hamiton Organization can in turn have a Tailgate party for their fans before the game with the live radio pre game show outside of Rogers Center.
If Toronto will not go with free admissions as guests or it is not legal then the Hamilton organization can by tickets at a special group rate of 5-10 a ticket for their season ticket holders. With both sets of teams season ticket holders plus other fans we could be looking at an exciting game with about 40 thousand in attendance. The Drive is under an hour traffic may be an issue but its the battle of Ontario. Ray vs Burris.
Next season include that in the season ticket package for Hamilton season ticket Holders giving them a game as close as possible. It could perhaps become a tradition. The game in Toronto the week after labor Day all Hamilton season ticket holders receive a ticket as part of their plan and jam the third level behind the Cats bench. Try to get more Hamilton fans their than Toronto fans. The winner receives the Golden Horseshoe Trophy for the year.

No, because then there will be an expectation for us to roll out the red carpet on Labour Day.

What I'd like to see is the Ti-Cats talk to the Argos (and vice versa), note all the seats that are held by Argo season ticket holders (leave them off limits) and then sell those tickets on the behalf of the Argos at a slight discount to our season ticket holders. That way both teams have more ticket selling potential, fans get to stick together in their own section, a small discount benefits the consumer and each team skims maybe a a couple bucks from the ticket sales. Just my two cents, as much as I dislike the Argos, I do advocate the Argos and Ti-Cats working together to help make each other as profitable as possible.

Free tickets are given away in the hopes of creating a repeat customer. Discounts are given away to encourage people who otherwise wouldn't go to do so. Ticat season ticket holders are obviously not going to become repeat customers and those season ticket holders that aren't attending are probably not basing their decision merely on price.

I love the idea of heavy cross promotion and benefits and I'm surprised that there isn't a lot more of it actually but I don't think the tickets themselves are what needs attention. Small discounts I like, yes, but I think better ways to cross promote would be through creating better fan experiences, such as official supporters buses/trains and having official, designated away supporters ONLY sections (ala soccer).

There is some sort of agreement between Hamilton and Toronto, I have season tickets for both teams and when they play each other an e mail is sent to the visiting team season ticket holders offering tickets at season ticket holder prices.

In addition, Bob Young invited season ticket holders to Jack Astors in Toronto before the games and the food is provided courtesy of BOB :thup:

Hmm, almost one and the same team. Ok, won't go there again. :wink:

Yup thats exactly wa was on my mind. the 31,000 plus level on and two still for argo season ticket holders and other who buy at the box office.
I thought that maybe adding 10-15 dollars to each seasonticket holders cost should cover it where bith teams would benefit and that third level behind the Hamilton Bench would be Rockin in Blac and Gold. Those 3rd level seats do not get sold usually so there is absolutely no affect on argo fans seating.
It seams like such an easy thing to do beter communication i guess is needed.
Even Vs versa as temp seats could be put up in Hamilton and return the favor all their fans together most likely in the end zone bringing 15 to 20 thou mor people to the stands for a little excitement and some rvenue from concessions, souveniers etc.

You really post some weird, crazy, non-sensical, fantasy ideas.

So your telling me, that in the last few years when a Cats vs Argos playoff game only gets 27k and a regular season game(excluding labour day) gets 25kish that they need to add temp seats?

Makes no sense. Your ideas have no basis in reality.

Fact is, I would love for this sort of thing to happen, but have you ever been to a recent Argo Cats game? As much as people want to say its an intense rivalry , fact is very few Argo fans make the trip, and the games really are not that exciting. The last exciting game between them was the 2010 East Semi-Final, and I think that was only because it was playoffs and it was decently attended, and a few more then normal Argo fans came. But fact is, that game paled in comparison to the playoff game against BC the year before.

Maybe take a break from the rapid fire posts and thing about things a little first?

You got that right brad2332, the attendance this year has been a major disappointment :thdn:

lol agreed!

Everyone at today's game is wearing the same shade of blue as the seats in the skydome to blend in and be disguised as empty seats.

LOL. In all fairness though, I don't think the Argos would have much trouble getting 25K (which seems to be the general CFL target these days) if their stadium wasn't so awful.

We can't fill our barn week in week out and you want us to fill the Argos barn?