Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

Should be a good game. My second favourite team (Cats) going up against my third favourite team (Riders). Sadly, I'll have to cheer for Sask tonight as I picked them to win.

Go Riders!

I agree, should be a good game as usual in Regina and I too have Sask. to win.

i have hamilton to win, but thats cause no offense rider fans i like to see them lose, especially because were tied with them

So...what're the rules on the Rod Black Drinking Game?

You looking to make a trip to the hospital? :lol:

Just after I posted that, I realized that my game day might be over by the end of the 1st quarter.

I was going to suggest taking a drink everytime he brings up bizarre and meaningless stats. Then he brought some up. Ha!

That shovel pitch by Durant looked smooth.

Its Hammer time.

Did Black just say, "ally oop?" This ain't a Raptors game, man... :lol:

As long as there's no reference to a "double toe-loop," or anything else figure-skating related, I'm fine with it.

Uh oh! Pick!

Field goal unit on the field. Game tied at 7

Gotta get Luca kicking converts, not FG's

Wow. Black’s really surprised at how many games the Cats have dropped in Regina. :lol:

Man, I might start cheering for Hamilton. :lol:

This is one of those rare games where I don't care who wins.

Not sure our defense cares either.

...the French soccer team??? WHA????

Yeah, I lol'd. The guy just says whatever comes to mind.

I'm surprised that they haven't mentioned "Fantuz Flakes," yet.


Looked to me Durrant could have ran that himself.