Hamilton @ Sask, July 5 - pre-game discussion

I'm excited about this one. A home-and-home series that looked worrying before the season started is now a match-up of two teams headed in opposite directions. (HAM is riding a 2-game win streak while SSK is on a 2-game losing streak.)

Some storylines:

  • It's a short week for both teams. HAM has five days between games but one will be a travel day. SSK has only four full days in between two home games.

  • HAM looking as solid as anyone at QB, while SSK has a giant question mark after an injury to the starter and an unconvincing performance by Bridge. However, the Bridge-led Riders beat the Masoli-led, JJ-coached Ticats last fall in Hamilton.

  • Charleston Hughes is back to his head-hunting ways, inflicting a concussion on Drew Willy on Saturday. Sometimes I wonder if he and his now-teammate Zach Collaros ever reminisce about the time Hughes effectively ended Zach's career with a dirty hit back in 2016? Fun times!

  • Duron Carter has been getting beat badly at CB, and will now likely face Speedy B.

  • HAM may have the option to start John White, who needed an estimated two weeks to get back into game shape, but the performance of their two NAT RBs could change the coach's mind on that.

  • If Leonard is ready to return, we will be as healthy as we have been all season. It could also affect who returns punts, if Frankie Williams goes back into a backup role.

  • Can Coach J.Jones motivate his team to come up big against an apparently weaker opponent, the way championship teams do?

You guys are heavy favourites to beat the Riders in Regina.
Right now there is everything to like about the Cats.
The best QB in the league, an offensive line that is simply put offensive keeping JM clean.
The surprise is the 2 Canadian running backs.
The Defense under Uncle Jerry who would have thought is aggressive with spot on coverage on the back end.

Thats what worries me. We play better as under dogs.
Over the years, Riders have beaten us when we least expect it.
Darian Durants first or second game comes to mind.
Two years ago, we clobbered them in August and got a beat down on us a month later.
Last year, Brandon Bridge was doing very little and we still lost.(I think that was the game we would have one yard to go and we lined up in shot gun.)

This is not a foregone conclusion by any stretch.

Maybe so, but what we witnessed during yesterday's game was an atrocious Riders team losing to an equally poor Als team.
No need to worry, as I do not even think Collaros would make a difference.

Don't remind me. Biggest fit I've thrown in the stands in years.

We continue to do it. Did it last week too.

SSK still has too many weapons for HAM to show up sleepy.They arent a particularly bad team but right now they are directionless, too many unforced coaching and GM decision making errors.

Theres no world where what Jones is doing with Carter is the right thing to do.

Robbing your offense of power to NOT improve your secondary is quite a statement on their coaching, scouting and player personnel.

Especially after Rider fans instructed us all on how Jones and Murphy were instrumental for success in EDM and CAL and what a coup it was to hire both

When we play the Riders I would like to see more production from our kick/punt returners. But to be fair, I don't think our blocking has given many open lanes for our returners to exploit after they make the first tackler miss.

If Chris Jones makes Duron Carter play defence again, Masoli may pass for 500 yards.

Either alternative is appealing. If DC plays receiver, he gets to face Mr. Breaux! Or they shift him around and put some stiff in Carter's usual spot, in a clear admission that Carter can't beat Breaux. How can he claim to be the best player in the league if he is not even the best on the boundary side this Thursday night?

I don't remember being 3rd and inches ever. 2nd and inches a bunch of times, but was it ever 3rd and we lined up in shotgun?

It was 2nd down from the 1 last year and last week.

While it's worked MOST of the time, one of these days we're going to get stuffed on the 3 and have to kick a FG. (I believe that did happen last year).

When we have inches to go at mid field Jones has no problem with the sneak. For some reason from the 1 he doesn't like it.

Even if they put Carter back on offence, do the Riders even have a QB that can get him the ball?

Great thread ExPat, thanks for posting

I believe that June Jones will have the team fully prepared for Thursday night, I get the feeling that both June Jones and Glanville absolutely love what they have going here!

It is cool that both teams get their bye week right after the game and then meet each other in 2 weeks again at THF, another Thursday nighter!

Maybe Collaros will be back for that one.

Unlikely, given that he's on the six-game injury list. Not impossible, but unlikely.

It's beyond bizarre that Jones continues to play Carter at CB, especially after Williams exposed him so badly last week & now he'll have to face Speedy on Thursday.

It's equally mind blowing to me that Sask's only backup O lineman is former Ticat D lineman Eddie Steele....can you imagine if one of their starters gets hurt & Steele has to play O line? Their already porous O line would be even worse.

On a side note, has anyone heard about Adrian Tracy's injury status? We'll need him against Sask on Thursday night.

Hoping Jones' plan is to take the crowd out of the game early & force them to play catch up all night.

Practice today

steve milton?
5m5 minutes ago
#Ticats had extra rest day Sunday with short week coming up vs. #Riders, who have an even shorter week. No Adrian Tracy out there, so far, with defence. #CFL

I don't think Sunday should be called "an extra rest day." The norm, on the day following a game, would be film review, of that game, and a run-down. That gives the players a very short day, without practice, and that is followed, the next day, with the regular full day off. The difference, this week, between the WPG and @SSK games, is not in the amount of time off, but in having only 2 days of practice, when the norm is 3.

Update on Riders practice


  • QB Brandon Bridge ran the first team offense and afterwards Head Coach Chris Jones revealed that Bridge will start Thursday's home game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  • Chris Jones mixed and matched his DBs on Monday with Crezdon Butler, Ed Gainey, Duron Carter and Christion Jones all seeing time on the corner. The Coach said Christion Jones played CB at Alabama and has "been in big games". Duron Carter saw action on offense on Monday as well.



Last weeks results are really irrelevent to yhis weeks game.
It all depends on how the teams match up. If Riders find an answer at corner; Carter & Rosevelt will open up the field for each other. Riders will use Messam to keep our offence off the field.
You got to show up each week, can’t win on reputation alone.
We are the team to beat, even more than the Stamps.