Hamilton - Sask Game

just wanted to see how many of you think the cats are gunna win, and how many of you think the tough riders r.


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i think the cats will have a blow out,

28-14 Cats... i can feel it i dont know why but i think there hungry for a win

I say the Riders win at home by 10 or more points. Hamilton just cant seem to muster any offence at all , and thats what will kill them in this game--again.

Dislocated elbow for Crandell

Cats by four points! :lol:

That means they’d have to score 11…can’t do it! :lol:

Butler is playing now? Wow… I said Sask but even with them ahead I’d go back on that now if I could.

Hey did you see those show boats in the endzone! Now that is rubbing it in! :lol:

OK maybe the weekend is all good! Rocky is doing ok!

:lol: :lol: Could it be that the Riders all this time had a QB in the ranks for the past 5 years and did not realize it or is the Cats defense that bad! :lol:

OK Riders bring in the third stringer QB! This is a bad football game for the T Cats! :lol: Oh ya that is the third stringer! Bring in the Rams to play the third and fourth quarter :lol:

How can Hamilton be soooo bad? They are making the Riders look like the best team in the league!

Does Hamilton have a College team that could take the place of the TiCats? This is pathetic!

YEs and before the season the T Cat fans had so much hope to bad they are great fans!

It's painful. If Maas really is hurt, then he may as well be on the bench getting better because he's not bringing anything to this team anyway.

Crandel looked like a starter. Butler looks like a starter. Everyone knows these guys are not starters. Hamilton is making these guys look like they are on another level.

The smartest move Barette made was to let Joseph rest for this game. He should give him the game off next week too. You don't need a Joseph to beat Hamilton.

Here's the Ti-Cats right now:


no image

ah crap

here's a link:

[url=http://www.harmonystudentministries.org/images/pictures/flatline.jpg]http://www.harmonystudentministries.org ... atline.jpg[/url]

WOW!!! Peterson just tee’d off on Bush!!

Looks like Lancaster brought out his personal defibrillator at half time. They're putting a nice drive together.

I think I just heard a pin drop at Taylor field after that Ranek TD.