hamilton rematch

now that we have claimed our playoff game,will coach Austin rest some players?

I was wondering the same thing even though the team is really focused on catching BC I think it would be good to rest some players at least until the Toronto game although the last three games would be good to get everyone in sync with each other without the stress of a playoff game.

We can still get 1st. Until we are relegated to second we have to go for it. Calgary jammed out by not playing Burris - unless his injury has been aggrivated. I would be dissapointed if we acted in the same manner until our playoff spot has been finalized.

i think that if we had 1st place, BC wouldnt have a chance here with crowd noise! So lets go after this game;)

heres to wishing Lafors and the Eskies the best of luck tonight in BC.
an EE win would really make things interesting for tommorow and next weekend throughout the league.

Resting players in football is a bad idea. This is not playoff hockey where it is a best of 7games this is a 0ne game winner goes on loser goes home the last thing you want is a player who is out of their groove when you are going to battle unless the player is banged up and needs the time off leave well enough alone.

I’m glad the Riders didn’t rest players until the game was out of reach. It was a very good win for the Riders and showed the intensity these guys can play with and the intensity they will have to maintain on their way to the Grey Cup.

Did you notice the way Joesph knocked back the Defensive lineman with his helmet when he scored one of his rushing touchdowns? Awesome push and determination - a reflection of the way the whole team played. Keep it up guys We may get first place yet - Casey Printers may come out with one of the best games of his career against BC.