HAMILTON really sucks!

In the 4th QUARTER :cry:

WINNIPEG 22 , HAMILTON 0 [that score flatters HAMILTON as it could be allot higher than that]

To be a little fair to Hamilton , MAAS is out , but Hamilton are back to having no recievers , no kicker , no back up Q.B. , no defence and no hope. :thdn:

Unless , some thing happens soon , I will loose 50 bucks :cry:

WINNIPEG can do no wrong :thup:


Lets hope the next game is closer. :thup:

Again Winnipeg plays a team with no number 1 QB! :lol:

They are playing a team with no players. :lol: :cry: :lol:

I do not know about that! Eakin has not played regularly so you can expect a 2nd string performance. The defense well at times folded but has kept them from getting hammered! :lol:


6 minutes to go. No T.D.s for Stegall

I am glad that I am not a TI-CAT fan.

Fire the coach! OOPs save that for the Eskie game! :lol:


is not a word that should be censored. Who is the moron that made that decision??

Use straw in its place.
Example: Taman straws! Or the bombers straw!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

HAMILTON had 65 yards passing in total , 65 yards! 3 interceptions. :thdn:

WINNIPEG's last shut out of a team was in 1988! 31 to 0 :thup:


STEGALL , NO T.D.s :thdn:

Yes yeck yeck congradulations! yeck!
NOTE: Underbreath statment!

When are the excuses going to stop?

Excuse me! Where were the excuses now go over and ask your mom what excuses are! Or read sambos threads!

probably not until after they actually start

Thanks 05, That's rather gentlemanly of you.

That was out of left field the kid thinks I am a chicken hawk as well! Chicken maybe but not a hawk! :lol:

ticat fans in the ticat forum are proclaiming ‘this season is done’…hahahahaha

that was just sad......but thats the way the cookie crumbles, Bombers are 5 - 2 and nothing anyone says on here can change that, right 05.

well...its safe to say, torontos 2 wins should be enough to keep them ahead of the ticats for a playoff spot...not they just gotta fend off the crossover...hahaha

With that calculation that would require you to take two socks off!