Hamilton PUDDYtats

Are they for real?

umm ....they have made the last two GC's and are running away with the East again. :roll: :roll:

Are You for real ? :roll:

Oh, you're going to be so unhappy after the 27th.

I recommend getting a prescription for Zoloft as a preventative measure...


one of my many prescriptions....doesn't help much

How exactly do you define "running away"?
Tied with one team and 1 game ahead of another? :roll: :roll:

LOL!!! Good point, the funny part is that the only team that isn't in the race in the East is Hoopster1's Alouettes :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have the last two and a half years been make belief?

Is this topic for real? I can't be drunk, I'm only on my first. :expressionless:

Running away with the East?

Hamilton 5-2.
Toronto 5-2.
Ottawa 4-3.

They will be free and clear of the Argo's soon enough . Toronto will fall back a little . The Cats going to the GC again.

Bit early for those predictions. It's a long season. Still another 11 games for the Cats.

Ask the Bombers and Lions.

After the poundings they took , I am sure they can give you an honest answer.

From what I am watching the T-Cats are getting better as the season goes on.

Let me help you out :


BTW, I am saying this as a Stamps fan

I'm pretty sure I pointed this out already. :expressionless:

"Will be" and "are" are two different things.
Don't count your Grey Cups until they're won. Just ask the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their 13th man. :wink:

Aww...my post of the family guy, sarcasm guy got taken down, and it doesn't really work with Puddy. Oh well.

WOW. What a start.

As I said, since the start of the season , hope the Ticats can stay awake until GC Sunday !