Hamilton Proud: Ticats get a win they can build on

HAMILTON — The weight off of the shoulders was visible in the guys in the Black and Gold jerseys on Friday night.

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Hope so !, still have big issues of Turning over the :football: football !

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I was very proud of how Hamilton hung in there and came back from being down. This is the best "TEAM" performance in a long time - they deserved the win.

Now about some of that refereeing - seriously these guys are out of it. That call against Wynn for a late hit was "iffy." The pyramid call against Kelly was just wrong and it ruined a great athletic move - the pass interference on Banks was "bush league" - Banks did a flop dive and the refs fell for it - even Dunnigan mentioned it. These kind of bad calls can decide games - the refs need to improve or they will kill the game.


The rematch between the Argos versus the Cats in Week 10, had the Argos up 24-17 in the final quarter. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The TSN turning point was a 60 yard touchdown toss from Matt Shiltz too receiver Tim White which tied the score at 24. :face_with_peeking_eye: The Argos special teams were brutal throughout this penalty filled game. :upside_down_face: The Argos defense tackled very poorly in the final frame and were outscored 17-3. :interrobang:

My game ball goes to Cats returner Lawrence Woods who had a combined total of 222 yards on punt and kickoff returns. :100: :football: :canada:

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As I mentioned earlier, this was a good team effort and it gives me hope for the rest of the season. I thought Simoni Lawrence showed a lot of character in coming back after being hurt and he lead the team by example - he played hard and made some very key tackles - and hard ones too!