Hamilton Pride

Since it's playoff time in the Hammer, I thought it'd be kind of fun to see who or what has and are making Hamilton great.I'd like people to list on this thread famous people that came from Hamilton (Actors, Athletes, Musicians, etc.), Famous landmarks in Hamilton, maybe some big historical event that happened here, anything cool like that.

I'll start thing's off.

  • The first Tim Horton's opened in Hamilton, ON
  • Apparently Hamilton has more waterfalls than any other city in the world (correct me if i'm wrong on this one)

Ian Astbury (lead singer of The Cult) used to live in Hamilton when he was very young. Born in the UK but lived in the Hammer a few years before the Cult was around.

Also, Steve Cristie and Martin Shot.

Neat!This is the kind of stuff i'm looking for :thup:

-Steve Staios, Defenseman of the Edmonton Oilers and currently of the Calgary Flames was born in Hamilton.

-I'd also heard that Neil Peart, legendary drummer from the Canadian band Rush is from Hamilton.Can anyone confirm this?

No need for correction, you're correct on this one.

Dave Stala, Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock are all from Hamilton. (Duh.)

Actress Kathleen Robertson (she was on Beverly Hills 90210 and in Scary Movie 2) is also from Hamilton. I believe she lived near Sherwood Secondary School.

EDIT: Bryan Crawford is also from Hamilton, but we shouldn't be proud of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hagersville, to be specific. Well, he was born in Hagersville, I believe.

You sir, are correct :lol:

Steve Negus AKA "Lord of the Drums"

(Founder/Drummer of SAGA ..... studio Drummer for Chris De Burgh..eg Don't Pay the Ferryman (Gold Record)

Huge Tiger-Cat fan and Hamilton resident :rockin:

(note Ticats jersey :wink: )


Off the top of my head Dave Andreychuk, Pat Quinn, Keith Primeau (grew up in the Hammer), Joanne Malar , Brian Melo, the entire Teenage head band (Frankie Venom is the only one I remember), Roy Green, Lincoln Alexander, Sir John A. Mcdonald, Sir Allan McNab, Stephen Brunt and Damian Cox (sports reporters). Eugene Levy was born in the Hammer. And last, adn certainly not least, Daivd Braley and Bob Young!

The band Junkhouse and the front man Tom Wison that also has many other projects.

Wendy Crewson …actress (Hamilton native)

eg: “Air Force One” starring Harrison Ford… (First Lady)



Lester Pearson
Pat Quinn
Tom Wilson
Dave Andreychuk
Kavin Kain
Eugene Levy
Stan Rogers
THE Red Green (Steve Smith)

Honourary Ones (perhaps):

Linda Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
Josh Hamilton
Hamilton Jordan
Hamilton Beach
Hammy (Hamilton) Hamster
Mark Hamill(ton)

Dave Thomas aka Doug McKenzie
also his brother, singer Ian Thomas
Eugene Levy
Martin Short

Hockey players Pat Quinn, Adam Mair, Mark Popovic, Brian McGratton

Music wise, King Biscuit Boy (RIchard Newell) and as in today’s spec, Skip Prokop of LIghthouse

Hollywood actress Neve Campbell (Hamilton Mountain born and bred)


Brian Williams. TSN
Joe Cirella. NHL All-Star Defenceman

Roy Green is not from Hamilton...but rather Montreal.

Neve Campbell is from Guelph.

From an Ian Astbury interview:

Is Liverpool close to Glasgow?
It's about 250 miles.

So you grew up between Liverpool and Glasgow?
And I spent five years in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It's about 40 miles south of Toronto.

How old were you during that stint?
I immigrated to Canada when I was 11 and I came back to Scotland when I was 16.


Youtube video of "She Sells Sanctuary": The Cult


This is an awesome version ! (No wonder he plays Jim Morrison in The Doors.... he's a dead ringer ) :thup:

Ken and Dave Dryden are Hamiltonians.
Graham Greene, 6 nations reserve but spent much of his youth here.
Ivan Reitman, the guy who directed Ghostbusters... at least I know he went to university at Mac... inspiration of Animal House which he wrote.
Steve Paikin, host of the Agenda.
The Arkells... went to Mac, live hear now.

Long John Baldry lived in Dundas for a number of years. (RIP) :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

John Ellison (writer of Some Kind of Wonderful) lives in the Hammer. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Not sure if he was born in Hamilton, but Kelly Jay (Crowbar) lived at Bad Manors in Ancaster during the band’s hey day. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: