Hamilton Population Sign...

...now reads slightly differently.
(If anyone knows how I can paste/ insert an image, I can show ya!)

Bah, tried to put it in my signature, but can't figure it out. It's the 403 sign on your way in from Burlington.

Sorry, but since they removed the IMG tag, I don't know how to do it either...




the type, "{img} address of pic {/img}" -- except use the square brackets rather than the parantheses I just used.

The image tag still works in signature.

Thanks Cap'n!

I wasn't sure what slodrive2 was talking about at first. If you're confused like I was, click on the image in his signature. Nice.

Yeah, sorry...no idea how to make that larger. Gotta give 'er a click.

There was also (..and, uhhh, not sure how I know this) a banner that was hung from the Lemonville road bridge (between, like, Waterdown Road and Hamilton), but looks like it got removed. Party poopers. It said:

"Tigertown Unite! We Roar - Casey Cries"

That's awesome man!They should seriously put that on all of our Pop. signs and make it more visible.

Not to rain on your parade, cause I think its cool, but that is vandalism. And it sure sounds like you did it, if someone with the city goes through any effort and checks here to see who did it, and gets an IP address.. etc. you see where im going. Not sure what the fine is, but im sure by the time you pay for a couple city workers and a vehicle could be a large bill....

Who said I did it?

Kudos to who-ever did lmao - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_FZVD5lsAw

Me, I was watching =P

Haha but seriously, just your wording sounded like you were saying you did it without actually saying you did it.

I've heard stories of cities going after people for rediculous things. I once read a story, not sure from where, and a city had sent a bill to a lady for planting flowers on a grass median.

Just saying is all..

Well, all we can do is hope that the city sees this as good-spirited, civic pride building fun and grants a little bit more leniency on the individuals who are responsible for this.

Looking forward to driving by it in a few minutes!

:thdn: Lighten up.

Maybe the city did it.

Maybe it's photshopped

It isn't mischief anyway.

Don't worry.

Nice work by whoever did it. :smiley:

Since when is hanging a BANNER vandalism?

Since always. Defacing public property and all that. Besides it is on a highway sign. There is a process to get signs approved for a good reason. Do really want a strip club fan to do the same sort of thing? I think not

Sounds like a lot of overthinking. Just enjoy it! Hell, maybe even a few tickets were sold because of it. Got my attention!!

Holy crap. I thought I was a grouch. This is something that can EASILY be removed and has caused no actual damage to the sign. It's not vandalism at all. It's not like it's profanity or racism or anything negative. I'm pretty sure the city isn't going to waste too much time finding out who did it, If they want it down they'll take it down.

I actually love it.

:rockin: :cowboy: Don't take life so serious you never get out alive

Holy lighten up ! Its just a sign and a very good sign NOW . I bet a City employee did it with a fake I.P address on a computer in his sign making workshop in the gutters of the 403 ....Crafty i might say