Hamilton Politicians At Their Finest

Check out this article that appeared in the Hamilton Community news a couple of weeks ago.

[url=http://www.hamiltonnews.com/news/dark-cloud-hangs-over-new-stadiumferguson/]http://www.hamiltonnews.com/news/dark-c ... mferguson/[/url]

Here's what Terry Whitehead had to say:

Mountain councillor Terry Whitehead admonished Toronto 2015 for keeping politicians in the dark about the stadium’s design. He said councillors won’t have the opportunity to see the stadium design before it is presented to the public at Ivor Wynn Stadium Oct. 12.

“It’s another example of the contentious relationship of Toronto 2015 and this council,? said Whitehead. “There is common courtesy. We should be treated with respect.?

How in the hell does this guy expect Ian Troop and the Toronto 2015 people to have ANY respect for what these guys pulled during the Great Stadium debate? Whitehead and his cronies embarrassed Hamilton to the entire nation with the debacle. Now these bumbling City Hall yo-yo's actually expected to possibly have some type of input into the new stadium design. If TO 2015 continued to involve Hamilton Council then the new stadium plan would still be in limbo. Councillers would forever hold up the process bickering about costs or where a certain tree should be planted. It appears that these councillers seem to have an over-inflated opinion of their self worth. The sad part is Hamiltonians keep re-electing these bozos which only ends up stroking their egos. We can only dream of what could have and should have been in this city.

The largest bumble of all the bumbling was to rebuild at the current IWS site.

Not only is it a waste of the future fund and a squandered opportunity that comes once in a few decades, it's also gonna cost the tabbies a pretty penny cuz of their homeless situation for 2013.

Who's gonna absorb that cost? The Tiger-Cats 100%? CFL partners? gov't? southern Ontario universities? It's gotta be a huge cost.

I actually agree with Whitehead.

The city is providing the land. The city is contributing $40+ million. And they aren't allowed to see anything?

Only the members of the committee saw the designs and had to sign confidentiality agreements.

If the city only provided the land and the province paid for the entire thing, then yes I would agree.

As for being re-elected, there weren't enough alternative choices for councillors. These guys have been there so long, that most guys are around 10 years on council. Who would you rather go with? A 10 year vet or a young inexperienced rookie?

Somebody with a more progressive and fresh new perspective might be nice once in a while. They can't possibly be any worse than the partisan 10 year vets.

As I mentioned Captain, while I'm not a big fan of the WH for a stadium (imagine if the stadium was put there without proper soil remediation and "capped" and later they found fumes coming out, what a mess that would have been and then there is also the fact it is on former swamp land I believe), the city, if they really wanted it at WH should have just started building it there as the Cats I think would have played there in the end.

It is though what politicians do best, blame each other, I guess that is par for the course. You knew they were going to blame Toronto 2015 in way shape or form to cover up what happened here in the city with the stadium issue.

You know what though, Ontario and the Feds are contributing the Lions share of the money for this. In my opinion, they trump city council on this one, espcially with how much they bumbled about the location. Respect is earned, even moreso when Bratina himself has openly admited that the City of Hamilton has serious problems with information being leaked to the media.

The man has a point but can you imagine if they would have let that bunch get their hands “in the kitchen”. They couldn’t agree a site for six months and now he expected them to have input on the design. Reality check time buddy !

Hamilton Politicians = STUCK on STUPID from the get go.

said it before and will say it again, there should be a term limit, perhaps two or maybe three terms max. This "alderman for life" and access to money in the public purse has got to stop. I am not sure though whether city council can pass such a resolution or does it have to be passed by the provincial government. Might be a nice idea to ask an alderman if he/she knows how the public can get a max term number set, bet you they do not tell you.

I have lost allot of respect for this councilor when I read the story in the spec regarding his defamation lawsuit. I was also surprised the city covered his costs and that he appealed this decision.