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November 5, 2005

b[/b] In what is being described by Hamilton Police and CFL Head Office Officials as only an information seeking process at this time, Allouette Head Coach Don Matthews was detained in Hamilton’s Police Headquarters for 2 hours after last night’s loss to the Tiger-Cats. Police spokesperson Teri Shaw reported “We are actively pursuing an investigation into the possibility of a fixed-outcome in last night’s CFL game, with the specific allegation being an outright predetermined loss of the game by the Allouette coaching staff thereby allowing the woeful Tiger-Cats a certain win�.

“The Allouettes starting of Quarterback Ted White immediately raised questions within the CFL and we responded to their concerns with an active but clandestine investigation during the third and fourth quarters’, noted Shaw, ‘Evidence gathered during that time required the temporary detention of Mr. Matthews for questioning�

When asked what the results of the questioning were Shaw could only respond “This is an ongoing investigation and I am not a liberty to announce what Coach Matthews told us, other than the man has a maniacal laugh that would send shivers down the spine of the most hardened HPF Homicide Detective�.

Clearly something was strangely afoot in Hamilton last night with Montreal dusting off and starting a rarely used component to their offence in QB White. The offence was lacklustre and seemed to be playing at a less than optimum performance level, a situation which will not serve well going into next week’s hosting of the violent Saskatchewan Roughraiders.

CFL concerns were heightened prior to the game when they noted a non-monetary gambling pool on their website wherein only a small handful of contestants selected the TiCats to be victorious. One of those contestants is an avid Als fan with apparent close ties to Coach Matthews and a staunch dislike of QB White. “Going against all norms and siding against his beloved Als leads us to believe this fan has swayed the Als coaching staff into a pregame decision that set into certainty the outcome of the game, that being an embarrassing loss for the Als�, noted CFL spokeperson Claire DeBussey.

Hamilton Police are seeking the public’s help in locating Mathieu Raymond of Montreal who may be using the alias Third-and-Ten. He is not considered armed or dangerous at this time but police caution the public to not mention anything about Defensive End Mark Word in any dealings with Raymond as this will apparently trigger a violent and uncontrollable reaction.

Lol, Is this for real? Even if it is not, I believed it.

With redandwhite would you believe this story ha ha ha good one!

It sounded believeable.

…Hey DBushSSK5, pleased to meet you and welcome to our happy little CFL family…trust in me at your own risk…

:lol: That was funny...and well done! Bravo!

Good to see the VGCC getting some mock publicity. No press is bad press. :wink:

........3/10 likes the publicity too........

MOuhahaha ! And there's where that article is wrong. I have that game ON TAPE ! Anyone standing in my way will be forced to watch it AGAIN !

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R&W, you sure are one crazy puppy, but how do you explain I also swayed the Argos into losing? 8)

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with Nuts THAT big, I understand why you want to hang on to them.

Do you mean that I've got to give all that money back I bet on Hamilton to win?

Good article...well needed laugh for a Gades fan.

.....great chuckle for the morning.....