Hamilton ou Toronto?

Quelle équipe préféreriez-vous que les Alouettes affrontent en finale de l'Est?

Aimez-vous mieux voir celle contre qui les chances de succès pour les Alouette sont les meilleures ou celle qui a le plus de chance de les mettre à rude épreuve?

Quels sont les avantages et les inconvénients que vous y voyez?

Personnellement, j'aimerais mieux que les Alouettes affrontent les Argonauts. Ils ont une bonne défensive, mais on a plus de chances de les battre que les Timinous. Ils représentent un certain défi, mais pas nécessairement une menace. Les Timinous ont vraiment progressé, et Glenn est en pleine possesion de ses moyens. Avec Bauman, Stala, McDaniel et Mann, il a tous les outils pour charcuter la tertiaire des Oiseaux. Thigpen demeure une menace sur les retours de bottés et DeAngelis s'est replacé, lui.

Mais vaincre les Timinous serait une meilleure préparation pour le Saint-Graal. Vaut mieux s'y rendre que s'y préparer sans y aller, non?

You have to keep your eye on Stevie Baggs as well.... He can pose a problem for our offense.

IMO best case scenario for the Als is that the Argos leave some black and blue on the Tabbies before they travel to Montreal.

I agree that the TiCats are a much better team than the Argos. Cleo Lemon just does not inspire confidence. That said, do we hope the Argos fluke their way into the final and we face a weaker team or do we get in the tough way by beating a much tougher Hamilton team? I prefer the first scenario but the second should not frighten the Als if they come out slugging.

Toronto has been an odd duck...that's for sure.
If one looked only at quarterback stats...and therefore overall offensive output
One might assume this was a 2-16 team
But stats just don't tell the whole story in this league
Just ask the BlueBombers

It's true that Corey Boyd and Chad Owens have carried the team
And somewhat unfortunate for the Argos that their "run-first" offense has to get past Montreal
If they want to make it to the Cup.

But look at the adjustments Barker made to the offense...knowing that Boyd would be stopped on the ground against the Alouettes powerful run-defence.
I can't help admiring Toronto's coaching...something that'll take a team a long way in post-season

I'm not saying Hamilton is badly coached. After all...they managed to disinter Cobb...after the whole league had written off the Cats' running game.

But if I were Hamilton...I'd be very careful. They've been stung several times...have been guilty of believing their own hype. Hamilton is a talented team...but I've seen Glenn come up with enough poor performances to be sure of anything...especially against a team that can win regardless of how little their quarterback does to help.

If Lemon can stay away from mistakes...I won't be at all surprised if we're facing the Argos next week.
Speaking of surprises. If the Argos do come to town one word of advice:

Expect the unexpected.

Chapeau, mon ami! Voilà un point très intéressant et particulièrement juste. Les entraîneurs des Argonauts font une grande différence, et l'ont montré hier.

Ce qui m'a frappé, c'est la qualité du jeu de la ligne défensive et la qualité de la couverture contre la longue passe (arme favorite de Glenn).

Il faudra donc que la ligne offensive donne du temps à Calvillo et que le jeu moyen (8-12 verges) soit très efficace. Le succès demeurera donc dans la capacité de Calvillo à décocher sa passe dans les premières 3 secondes du jeu, chose qui n'a pas bien fonctionné cette année.

What I expect to see...what I hope to see...is the Alouettes defence come up with a HUGE game.
For my money, Anwar Stewart just doesn't have the juice to get it done on a weekly basis.
But a veteran like Stewart has proven inspirational in key games over the years. We're going to need that kind of leadership to get through the next 2(?) games.

My main points of concern...after the possibility of a Calvillo "stall-out" are 3-fold:

  1. We have to find an answer on special teams. Chad Owens cannot be allowed to burn us like he has.
    Maybe some work in the film room and we'll get some clues as to how Hamilton contained this "mini-nemesis".
    Even if Anthony is on his game...we can't afford to lose the field position battle.

  2. As I said before...Toronto passed to Boyd out of the backfield more than they ran the ball. The Alouettes have had a few weeks to come up with an answer for this...hopefully they'll be able to execute. I'd say that a vulnerability of our defensive lineup is using small linebackers and backs. While this might give us some more speed...helping in coverage and containment...it does occasionally prove a vulnerability in trying to deal with the "beefier" backs and receivers in the league. I just don't see the Als having any kind of answer to Boyd out of the backfield...unless they can spy Guzman on him or something. The important thing is getting pressure on Lemon while rushing four...leaving our linebackers to deal with Boyd. Lemon may not be a passing genius...but he's no fool. And a screen pass to Boyd is the last thing we need.

  3. As previously stated...it all comes down to coaching. The Alouettes' worst quarter (by far) this year has been the 3rd. Traditionally...this speaks to a lack of half-time adjustments. In the past you might blame it on let-downs after whopping first-half leads. I'm not so sure you can say that this year. The Argos are ripe for the taking. We'll need a few defensive strategies against basically a one-horse offence. If we don't make those adjustments, there's only one place to look for blame...

The Alouettes have all the tools offensively that they need. I look for Cobourne to have a "smash-mouth" game on the ground...hopefully justifying all the rest he got at the end of the season.

But ultimately it all rests with AC. If he's on, the Argos will fall.
Yep...it's as simple as 1,2,3 :wink:

!!!Go Als Go!!!

I like that idea. Either Guzman or Ferri should be locked on to Boyd every down. . . sort of how Calgary uses Browner. . . they don't so much play him on the corner as much anymore as they do put him man to man on the other team's top receiver and he follows him around all over the field.

Les Alouettes ont essayé quelque chose comme ça avec Cox, cette année. Les résultats n'ont pas été aussi convaincants qu'avec Browner.

Mais si cette stratégie était mise en place, je crois que ce serait mieux d'y affecter Ferri que Guzman : il est plus rapide et Guzman est plus efficace en poursuite du quart.

I only mentioned Guzman because he's big enough to bring down Boyd one on one
Despite "playing big" Chip Cox is a pretty small guy...no match for Corey Boyd.
Everyone talks about the Browner strategy...but Richardson "owned" Browner a lot of the time.
My main point is that the Als need to get pressure with their front four...consistently...like all game
If we start having to blitz our linebackers, Lemon and Boyd are going to eat us for lunch.

Personally I'd let the D-line get what pressure they can, keep Boyd in front of the linebackers and force Lemon to make some throws down the field. It's not his strength...and the occasional medium pass to Copeland won't break our backs (no pun intended). It'll put lot of strain on our coverage game...but it's the least of all evils.

Bowman and Stewart are going to really have to step up in this game or it could be tough.
Another rush-end could REALLY come in handy about now...

C'est vrai. Mais Cox peut aussi frapper fort, parfois.

Oh I'm not taking anything away from Chip Cox
But at 5'9" 190lbs he's really no match for Corey Boyd
Along with Nik Lewis, Boyd has to be one of the hardest guys to tackle in the league
Sometimes there's no substitute for size

The Argos didn't burn us with their running game this year, they burned us deep. I have no idea what they will show up with this weekend but let's hope the Als coaching staff guesses right...

Exactly. For all the talk about containing Boyd -- and I agree it's important -- he actually hasn't burned us this season. Controlling Owens is huge because he has been a one-man wrecking crew for the Argos when they play us. But I still feel that the best way to deal with Cory Boyd is to score majors in the red zone. Force the Argos to play from behind and you effectively take Boyd out of the game.

So odd
We are one of the few clubs that contained Boyd on the ground this year
But aside from the aberrant silliness of the last game...passes to Boyd out of the backfield is how Lemon "burnt" us.
I still remember that "on-field" conversation Lemon had with Boyd after a particularly effective example,
He seemed to be clearly laying out the facts of life, "OK...you're not going to have much of a running game today...so this is what we're going to do..."

Unless the Alouettes front four sleep-walks through this week's game...I'd be very surprised if the deep ball does much damage. I'm not discounting Barker's ability to create and surprise...but he only has so many options offensively. If anyone is going to be surprised...I think it's the Argos. The Alouettes defence main worry will have to be Corey Boyd...one way or another. Do that and it's on to Edmonton.

:thup: :thup: :thup: