Hamilton @ Ottawa 2023 PBP Thread

BLM starts for HAM.
Crumb starts for OTT.
This is an important divisional game.


I don’t have a good feeling about this game. Time will tell.

Agreed - very important game for many reasons.
But IMO one very important reason relates to the fact that the next time the Tiger-Cats face the RedBlacks will be on September 8th in Ottawa. The Tiger-Cats will have 3 days between games after their Labour Day matchup with the Argos. Meanwhile, the RedBlacks will be coming off a Bye week in the schedule.

How is that bit of brilliant scheduling fair to the Tiger-Cats ?? Very “bush league” on the part of the CFL, in my opinion.

I am going to predict their chances of winning that game are “Slim to none . . . and Slim left town on the last Stage Coach last night.” So they had better win tonight, otherwise Ottawa will have a large lead in the East Division standings.

PS: btw, the name is “CRUM” - no “b”.


For everyone picking Ottawa to blow us out tonight, remember: it’s not easy to win 3 straight in this league, and the Ticats have lots of game film on Crum now.


I’m trying to remember the last time I had a good feeling going into a Ticats games.

Way too long ago.

The weather radar is showing a string of thunderstorms potentially coming through Ottawa from about 1900-2200hrs…

tornado warning issued by Environment Canada @5:54 pm

I didnt get that in Barrhaven.

We were about 5 minutes away fom the tornados 3 weeks ago…

Could that be a veiled reference to the imminent running wild of Duke, Tim, Butler and McAllister?


Really feels like a delay is coming. Should I delay the ordering of my pizza?


that would be crazy talk.

But I don’t want a pizza to arrive and no football game be on.

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oh trust me, pizza still tastes good without the game…

we just finished our Mario’s pie.

I suspect we’ll see at least a 1 hour delay…by the looks of the weather mapping. I’m pacing myself with the cold brews. I want to be ready for the 4th quarter when the Tiger-Cats are known to come to life (ya, right). :slight_smile:

Tornado warning in Barrhavewn at 1900hrs…

Don’t order the pizza yet, @Crash
Mr. Grande, I presume?

If we lose this game with BLM at the controls, What excuses will coach O have???
Especially if we get blown out.

And if we win?

4 out of the 7 TD Atlantic games the Blew team has been in them.

You are a dreamer. I would like to have what you are having.

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Always Mr Grande on gamedays.

Have a good feeling tonight. About the game and the pizza.