Hamilton or Montreal

Whos going to win this one? I hear Casey is playing If Montreal is going to do anything they better start getting it together. I say Montreal cause it in Montreal ( I think )

I'm putting $2 proline on the Kitties.

My Heart says Hamilton but my brain knows better. I would have a little more hope if Lumsden was in the lineup. Maybe we'll see what Printers can do with Hamilton. But I must say, I like what Williams has been doing the last couple of games.

I bet on Hamilton on the point spread +8.5

What a horrible call on the interception. Not only was that P.I on Estelle, it was not an INT.

Just terrible.


It should have been called pass interference, and the interception was very close.

It didn't look like he got his hands under it. It was called incomplete on the field and it did not look conclusive that he caught it.

In fact, it looked like it was bobbled.

agreed, it appeared to me atleast that the ball bounced right before he got it in his hands, as if part of the ball hit the ground a bit... if anything tho, i think that the video evidence is inconclusive, so the call on the field should have stood. In either case, not sure how the PI was missed... lol

Not sure how there was enough evidence there to overturn the call on the field as incomplete.

So the official downfield who missed the pass interference, made the correct call on the imcomplete and it was over turned.

Even when they make the right call they're wrong lol

Cept they made the right call on both!

Gerry Watkins?????????

No they didn't. Shouldn't you be at the game?

Wow dirty play by Diamond Ferri.

I spoke too soon. Three straight major fouls by the Als. Unbelievable.

The tiger cats have gone 45 yards in 3 plays with 2 incomplete passes

sad truly sad