Hamilton Old Boys Football Association

As some of you know my Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago - so I've been digging through her things here and finding some interesting stuff.

One thing I found was an Appreciation Night held for my Mom's Dad Pat Sullivan. He died in 1944 fifteen years before I was born. Apparently he was quite the sportsman in the Hamilton area - mainly baseball or softball and bowling I think. I noticed in the program they had for his Appreciation Night that the Chairman for the event was Brian Timmis which is kind of cool.

I also notice one of the ads in the Appreciation Night program was from the Hamilton Old Boys Football Association and I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of that organization before.




This is really cool Pat.

I never heard of the Association, but perhaps something like this Booklet could be donated to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame? I think it belongs due to its history.

I think Mr62Cats and oldfan played on that team! :lol:

Thanks for posting Pat.

'Any good sport is eligible-$1.00 a year'

That is gold.

Just for the heck of it I’ve been doing some googling of the names that appear on that Old Boys Football Association ad. We all have heard of course of Brian Timmis who is in both the Canadian Football and Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and played for the Hamilton Tigers and coached the Hamilton Flying Wildcats.

Len Back is also in the Football Hall of Fame as a Builder

[url=http://www.cfhof.ca/hall-of-fame-members/players/leonard-len-back/]http://www.cfhof.ca/hall-of-fame-member ... -len-back/[/url]
With Lenoard P. Back as manager, Hamilton Senior Teams won the Grey Cup Championship in 1928, 1929, 1932, and 1943. Back became team manager of the modern era Tiger-Cats in 1950, and remained in this position through the mid-1970’s. He served as the honourary manager through the 1980 season.
Ken Walker played for the Hamilton Tigers in 1924 - 1925 and 27-33. Art Elford and Eddie McLean played for the Tigers in 1921, Eddie Wright 1928 - 1938 (who recovered a fumble in the 23rd Grey Cup)
  • http://www.htcaa.ca/history-rosters.asp?roster=HTG

I'm pretty sure they ran a 4 team league for youth up to 16 years old and we used to play every Saturday mornings at the old HAAA grounds