Hamilton no support, and will have no team. like Ottawa

Bob Young saved the franchise but before, if you recall for many years they were even worst the Ottawa for attendants, no support from their fans. Hamilton cannot support a CFL team, winning or losing.

Bring on Quecbec city and Halifax who can support a CFL team. Moncron is two small, they don`t have enough people or money to support a CFL team.

            Hamilton, you are the laughing stock of the leaque and you don`t support and never did and you should be ashamed of your city and embarrassed to be seen on CFL Friday nite football with stadium that is not even have full. It`s obvious you cannot support a CFL team and want to lose your franchise , which you will, Your a disgrace to the CFL! 

Its pretty bad when you cant even support a Hall of Fame Game with inductees like Futie, Pin Ball, and Pingle, and Ron Landcaster who passed.

         Rest in peace Ron, you will be remembered for you play and your success and your love for the CFL which the Hamilton fans should take note of.

Look, first of all...

I can't...this post is so poorly written...I cannot, in good conscience, respond.

I will say this, Hamilton has good fans.

What do you hope to accomplish with a post like this? Seriously.

If your goal is to jolt Hamilton fans into supporting their team more, I have news for you: It won't work. The only people who will read this are already supporting it and you're just kicking them while they're down.

The CFL can boast about the tightest group of fans on any sports leagues. Why some of you are so intent on crapping on that is beyond me.

...consider the source of the thread, chuckle a bit at the comments, and forget about them and file them where they belong...

...wspidel, you are very ignorant and shouldn't be allowed on this forum...

...Ticat fans, keep fighting the good fight, at some point in time this will turn around...

Not even half full? They had over 19,000 fans in a stadium that holds 29,000. That's 2/3rds full. Edmonton is half full. Toronto and BC are half full. Ivor Wynne is a "CFL" stadium. Unless you've been there, you'll never know what that's like.

It's bad enough that they had to watch their playoff chances basically end for another season last night. They don't need jerks like you putting them down. We can expect attendance to drop off some more down the stretch, because the games no longer mean anything.

BC and Toronto survived some 12k and 14k years in the 90s. Montreal survived a season with attendance under 10k.

The fans are voicing their displeasure with management with their wallets. When management improves the product on the field, the fans will be back.

Support has been lower this year. That is expected considering the product on the field the last few years.

When Bob Young bought the team, they were sold out or close to sold out for the first three years.

The people of Hamilton spend their money wisely and will not continually put money up for a bad product.

As Bob said when he bought the team, If the fans stay away, it's not the fans fault, it's ours.

Improve the product and the fans will show their appreciation.

I hate to ever find myself agreeing even the slightest with OP, but if there was ever one night that the people of hamilton, fans or not, should have filled the stadium, last night game was it, regardless of the teams on or off field problems. The people of hamilton who did not show up last night, disrespected the hall of fame game, the hall of fame inductees, and most of all Ron Lancaster and his family. No excuse for it whatsoever, no matter how disatisfied they may be with the team, or security, or Bob young or whatever. Last night that stadium should have been filled.

The hall of fame game means squat to the average/casual fan. Even to the die hard fan, the hall of fame game inst much. They parade the inductees out on the field, show a quick video montage, and talk to the inductees for about 30 seconds each. Seeing Doug Flutie and Pinball on the field for a minute or two isn't enough of a reason to bring people to the game.

that is a selfish way of looking at it. Its not about what the fan gets out of it as much as it is showing respect for the inductees and the league.

People aren't going to attend a game to show respect for guys they've never heard of, or don't really care about.

so now I am supposed to beleive that only 19,000 in Hamilton area heard of Pinball, Flutie, and Pringle. Not to mention Lancaster as well?? Guess then that means Hamilton isnt even close to being a real CFL football city.

They’ve heard of them, but have no interest in seeing them stand around on the field. I would bet that if you moved the hall of fame game to other cities, you would see a VERY minimal spike in attendance.

In regina and edmonton, no spike would be needed as they support good enough already.

As far as BC and Toronto go, you probably right. I think it would make some difference in WPG and CALGARY.

Dont know if its possible to make a difference in Montreal. Scalpers may make a few more bucks.

Thing is, I beleive the inductees deserve better attendance. Lancaster certainly did. At least Sask and Edmonton will do him right, specially Sask.

If a famous ballet dancer died, and they we're having a quick two minute tribute before the next performance, would pay $20.00+ dollars to go and pay your respects?

irrelevant point. I dont care about ballet. IF there are not more than 19000 in Hamilton that care about Hall of fame game and Hall of fame inductees, not to mention the ticats themselves, and Ron Lancaster, then Hamilton is not a good football city and does not deserve the hall of fame, nor the hall of fame game, nor the ticats themselves.

The football fans, who go to the game to see football, were already at the game. The casual fans, who go to the game to see a competitive, winning team, stayed home. Seeing hall of famers, or paying tribute to a legend isn't going to make them want to come to the game. A winning team will bring them back.

and that totally sucks big time.

FootbalYouBet seems to have a short memory. It wasn't that long ago that BC was drawing around 10,000 to a game. There were also a few Grey Cups there that were not sold out. Everything goes in cycles.

that too was unacceptable and totally pissed me off. Its a poor excuse for a wrong to point fingers as someone else quilty of same. I never defend BCs consistantly poor showing population percentagewise. I am always ashamed and angered by it. Notice I did not suggest that Hall of Fame should be moved to either BC or Toronto.