Hamilton needs to turn it around

I hope the bye will help Hamilton turn things around. The offense looked terrible, the defense wasn't it's normal stingy self and Steinauer, what were you thinking at the end of the first half? Play clock was higher than game clock, take the snap and kneel down. Almost a penalty after the punt that may have resulted in a fieldgoal try or hail mary, if not for offsetting penalties. No reason to risk it, take the knee.

Hmmm my curse is working ..

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The title of this thread is the understatement of the year. :stuck_out_tongue:

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According to the collective bargaining agreement, a team on a bye isn't allowed to practice.

So other than the coaches huddling together to come up with some game plan when the players return on Monday morning, there is no player practices taking place to turn things around?

I hope they get some time some extra practice . . . or my REDBALCKS are in some trouble Saturday night!

In the off season I turned their entire team into a newt.

(they got better) :ghost: