Please voice your opinion to Hamilton's City Council, we need your help to put presure on council to get this done. Thanks

Contact List

Ward. Name. Email. Phone.

Mayor Bob Bratina Brian.McHattie@hamilton.ca 905-46-2416

2 Jason Farr Bernie.Morelli@hamilton.ca 905-546-2702

4 Sam Merulla Chad.Collins@hamilton.ca 905-546-2716

6 Tom jackson Scott.Duvall@hamilton.ca 905-546-2706

8 Terry Whitehead Brad.Clark@hamilton.ca 905-546-2703

10 Maria Pearson Brenda.Johnson@hamilton.ca 905-546-4513

12 Lloyd Ferguson Russ.Powers@hamilton.ca 905-546-2714

14 Robert Pasuta Judi.Partridge@hamilton.ca 905-546-2713

Copy and paste this into your email and send it, it's that easy, THANKS !!

[url=mailto:brian.mchattie@hamilton.ca]brian.mchattie@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:bernie.morelli@hamilton.ca]bernie.morelli@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:chad.collins@hamilton.ca]chad.collins@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:scott.duvall@hamilton.ca]scott.duvall@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:brad.clark@hamilton.ca]brad.clark@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:brenda.johnson@hamilton.ca]brenda.johnson@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:russ.powers@hamilton.ca]russ.powers@hamilton.ca[/url]; [url=mailto:judi.partridge@hamilton.ca]judi.partridge@hamilton.ca[/url];

why would anyone on any city council give a damn about what anyone not a resident of that city thinks about anything?

it is unfortunately clear that the majority of the voters of hamilton do not care about preserving the hamilton ticats, as they have other concerns in this situation that are more important to them, and most of the councillors are listen to them.

not much to be done about it.

Because everyones opinion counts and the more support the better. Hamiltons city council caved on the west harbour because of all the presure the people put on the councillors. They changed there vote at the final hour.

Your email does not have to say where your from, as long as you give some feed back on the displeasure of city council.

THANKS for your HELP !!

For whats is worth and all the good it will likely do I did send off an email supporting the Cats and Hamilton fans.

I sure would hate to see them move, or should I say fold because if they are not in Hamilton it will be the same thing.

Good Luck Hamilton.

So did I. Not a dump all over you type of e-mail, but a word of encouragement, git 'er done kind of one.

Thanks to everyone that sent in emails and phone calls. This fight is on going, we have a rally planned for January 12th at City Hall. This is the day councillors have the final vote on the Stadium.

Please continue to support the fight to keep the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton, by emailing and calling our councillors. Every little bit HELPS.


Are you also emailing Bob Young and asking him to stop playing brinkmanship with the Ticats?

Didn't think so...

Surprised this post was not edited into cyber oblivian LMAO_

It's not to late to fire Mitchel and push for better access at W.H. Mr Young.

I've followed this circus for seven months now and I think the ideal situation would be for the Ticats to be relocated to QC or Moncton with Bob Young preferably selling the team.

The Argos relocated to Mississauga in a new football specific venue.

I think once Ottawa is a 4sure thing, the league will have more flexibility in moving one of the two southern Ontario franchises out.

Not nice. The Ticats relocating far away would break many hearts here in the Hammer.

This is not a judgement of the Ticat fans. I just dont see any way that we can have two successful franchises in the Greater Toronto area. It has been over ten years now that these franchises have been losing money and it is not going to change until the CFL pulls the plug for a while. Similar situation to what happened in Montreal...

As for the suggestion that Bob sells I just think Bob doesn't have a "dance partner" left in Hamilton and I don't' think anyone would be interested in taking over the Ticats in Hamilton at least not in an honest manner. Sadly Young is in a similar situation to his buddy Marty York... (No one is taking him seriously). He would have to be completely nuts to sign a new lease at IW Stadium and I doubt he will be able to put together a deal with Burlington in ten days. ( The mayor says he's just been contacted). Considering the reasons Bob bought the team. I doubt he would want to own the team in the QC or Atlantic area.