Hamilton needs new K, a QB change, Coach?

What was Steinauer thinking???? Does he forget that the 15-3 season was mainly, because of Dane Evans? Lucky the coach was forced to make the change that year due to Masoli injury. Earlier in the year when Masoli played like crap, he made the change and Hamilton started to win again. WHY after the first half did he not change QB's? Also, can SOMEONE please send Steinauer a calculator. When you are down 21 points, scoring 3 (if the FG had been good) still leaves you down three scores.

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To be fair, he made the change to Dane because Mosoli had injured ribs this year.

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I'm just wondering, what are the fans going to say if Coach O does not make a
QB change next game and does not bring it another kicker?
Is it going to be "Oh well, We'll do better next time" attitude.


how about the Lions and the Ticats trade teams. :slight_smile:

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Evans should be starting against Saskatchewan, but Coach O will be content to stick with Masoli the rest of the way. :frowning:

Then he is a sick puppy!

Exactly trying for a field goal with a kicker who has lost his confidence was a poor choice. Not using Dane in the second half another bad choice. Montreal will probably beat Hamilton in the semi final.

That's what it's been up until now.

The game was still winnable late in the 2nd quarter. Why you would continue with a qb who was 2/8 for 40 yards in a half is ridiculous when our "backup" is more than capable.

we need a few new things, but a Coach is the first.

Get rid of O.

He is not a good coach.

The long FG into the wind and rain that was returned to mid field after a penalty was a dumb call. Then he managed to one up himself was the the FG down 21.

Haven't seen that level of stupidity since June Jones kicked a FG on 3rd and 4 from the 9, down 12 with 4 mins left.

True, I guess it takes an injury for the coach to make a good decision

I agree. He is an excellent Defensive Coordinator, but not a head coach.

If Ticat fans ran football teams, Josh Allen and Dak Prescott wouldn’t have started this week, and Tom Brady wouldn’t have played the second half today.

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So you don't think Evans should start this week? And you don't think he should have played the second half last week?

Also your examples are 6-3, 7-2 and and 6-2 as defending champions. None of those teams have backups better than their starter.

Not sure I’m ready to jump off the Steinauer express. He had a lot of things go right in 2019 but still helped pull that team together with a new starting qb and coaching staff. Lots more adversity this year, with injuries, retirements, two year layoff etc. See this in a lot of sports where a team has a letdown year, sophomore slump, whatever you want to call it.

He made a call at starting qb and a lot of us don’t necessarily agree with it, but he’s stuck with his guns and we’ll see how it plays out. I think you have to give him another year in all fairness, bring in some free agents and more Canadian depth and see if they can build the team back to a serious contender. When you are paper thin on the oline playing a 6th guy who is a defensive line convert and have a kicker whose every play is an adventure, I think there is a lot of blame to be spread to the GM’s and up the chain for what we’ve seen.

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Anyone can succeed when things are going well. Adversity is when you learn alot about a person (not just in football).

We've learned that his game management is nowhere near where it should be and his ability to make touch calls seems to be very delayed. (Don Jackson for 1 besides the obvious).

Not saying he should be fired yet but you aren't improving you're regressing.

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This is what should happen next year if the Coach leaves in Masoli.

  1. Coach O is a players coach. (likes to please his players) that should change by
    hiring Chris Jones as Head Coach (who is a disciplinarian )
  2. Demote Coach O to Defensive Co-ordinator.
  3. Keep Masoli as backup or trade him for an good national O-lineman.
  4. Go after a good kicker
  5. Bring in a new O Co-ordinator( some one with experience)

I don’t think Masoli will sign here for backup money when he could be a potential starter in Ottawa, maybe even BC if they want to get out from Reilly’s big contract.

Also can’t imagine Steinauer taking a demotion to serve under Chris Jones. He’d go back to NCAA in a heartbeat if nothing else pans out in the CFL.

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For sure, Steinauer has to go. Yes, he set a Ticat record for wins in his first season but he’s forgotten everything since then, and only has a winning record this year, and is 22 and 9 overall, so he’s got to go.

Masoli has to go as well. Why does Steinauer start him when he’s so bad? Why does coach O want to lose? If fans can see it, why can’t the coach who spends hours with him every day over years see it?

Bring in an offensive coordinator with experience. Yes. If we fire Condell, then he would be available and would fit the bill quite well, so we could rehire him.

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Mind boggling isn't it?

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