Hamilton needs Jason Mass

I would like to go on the record and say Hmailton needs Mass. Danny Mac is old I we need a young guy now. Ray is in Edmonton now so now is the perfect time to go after a high calipar starting Qb. Plus they both have similar styles. What do you guys think should Hamilton go after Mass, or stay with Danny who can do it this season, but may be done at the end of this year.

This is what I said when the Esks first signed Ray.

Maas would do great in Hamilton.

It would be good for the quarterbacking talent to get spread out in the CFL and Hamilton is in need. Good luck to you on it. Perhaps with a move like that we could have another grey cup showdown between the Riders and the Ti-Cats. I would be quite happy with that game.

Maas is still nursing the shoulder, taking only about 60 reps a day right now. I don't think anyone will offer much for him until they see how quick he gets healthy. I would say Jones is a safer bet, if a move is made before the season starts.

You could see Maas move around labor day if he gets healthy though.

Mass in Hamilton would probably put thim first in the East. But just who would Edmonton get for him?

Do people honestly think that making Maas the number one guy in Hamilton will improve the Ticats? Danny Mac is as good if not better than Maas, albeit his age does start to become a factor as to how long he can still play, but changing Maas for Mac doesn't change the talent on the field. After all only one of them can play at a time and from what I've heard from Greg Marshall, he seems to believe that with a full training camp under Brady's sing, he could possibly be the number one guy coming out of camp.

Youre on crack if you donèt think that adding Maas makes you instantly better. For starters, check out passing efficiency. Then get back to us...

Maas to Brazzel...terrible combo... :roll:

Whoever Maas goes to, when he goes will instantly get my backing as a second fave team. The dudeès got game... 8)

Being a tigercat fan I would love to see Maas in Hamilton. Danny's good but hes getting to old and worn down. Hes not effiecient enough. He doesnt always play good. We've got the recievers all we need is the qb and sorrhy Brady but I dont think that Brady can cut it. He'll have to prove himself to me before i agree with him being our starter. But hey at least he can run the 40 in less then 10 seconds lol.

Danny Mac was as good or better 10 years ago man. Maas can throw the ball a mile and is only 29 years old. Care to re-evaluate?


Maas is a good QB. but some people seem to have mistaken him for superman.

He would be a great additon to the Ti-Cats, and would give them a stable quarterback to go along with their solid running game and receiving core. The only problem is Maas being injury prone, but he's still an improvement on Danny Mac.

I was in favour of Hamilton getting Maas...but that was when I thought there may have been some kind of under-the-table deal for the Cats to drop out of the Ray derby. If that were the case, Hamilton would probably have gotten Maas for nothing, and he would have been a great addition to the team. But if we're going to be giving up significant personnel for Maas, I'm really not interested.
McManus' age is not an obstacle in his ability to play; only in how long he will be playing. He's about as good now as he's ever been, and is probably the number one guy right now; but we all know the day is coming when he will call it quits. We need some young talent at QB, not because McManus can't play anymore, but so that when he retires, we'll have someone to step in and take over. Like Steve Young did when Joe Montana hung 'em up.
With a full training camp, Brady may be better than last year (when he wasn't bad, really) and may be able to be our starter. But I have a feeling the Cats are kind of interested in this guy Beutjer, who's currently #4 on the depth chart. Something tells me he's the guy they're looking at for the future.
I dunno, just a gut feeling.

what about Ottawa, couldn't they use Mass as well.

Yeah, but can they afford him? The problem is that their ownership situation just got settled, too late to enter the bidding wars for these quarterbacks.

They may be able to trade for him, but what do they have that Edmonton could possibly want? Maybe the first overall pick in next year’s draft? :wink:

So let me get this straight, you would take Maas off our hands but only if it cost you guys nothing...interesting.

I take it back....you guys dont deserve Maas. Have your McManus, Brady, Beutjer(or whatever the hell his name is) juggernaut and enjoy the season.

What I said was that, with the way Hamilton dropped out of the bidding war for Ray so suddenly, I thought there may have been an under-the-table deal between Hamilton and Edmonton: Hamilton drops out of the bidding, and Edmonton trades Maas to Hamilton for practically nothing. It wouldn't be the first time that teams have made arrangements like that.

Hey, keep the freak; I didn't really want him to come here anyway. I don't think we have a helmet that can fit over those ears, or a chin strap that can fit over that growth on his chin. And keep Ray and Jones, too. Only one can play at a time, while the other two sit on the sidelines and gobble up your team's cash. Better your team than mine.

lol BigDave...

I'd rather have Russ Michna than Maas.

Hey Moses, I hope Maas ends up in Calgary just so it becomes you second favourite team...

I'm with you Moses this time. We also had McManus when he was supposedly old and just finishing his prime. He moved on with his buddies Ron and Darren (who has since retired and is youger yet than Danny Mac).

I wanted Maas to move if that was the case because I believe he has proved and earned the right to start. Remember how a month ago all everyone could talk about was how old our recievers were and how crappy our line was last year and even crappier this year? The "freak" threw for over 5000 yards last year. How were Danny Mac's stats? Did he throw for more than 5000? And don't give me the injured excuse, Maas played hurt pretty much all season and didn't once use it as an excuse.

While the loyalty is admirable, the logic is quite frankly beyond me. Maas does make your instantly better whether you like to admit it or not. Don't want accept the obvious, fine, stick with McManus who was older than dirt when he was finishing up in BC. Even if Maas comes in and tag teams with Danny Mac for a year or two or however long they want to delay the inevitable you are still a better team.

In the end, we will keep him if we want and move him when we want. We can afford it. I'm sure Campbell is not losing sleep over Hamilton's QB situation, but Lancaster might be by the end of the season.


Actually, yeah. Danny Mac has thrown for over 5000 yards… 5034 to be precise, and with a receiving corp of a much lesser quality than the all-star foursome Jason Maas had in Edmonton. And it wasn’t a first for ol’ Danny Mac. And he was only trailing Maas by two in the touchdowns thrown category (and Troy Davis compensated this stat by scoring two TDs more than Pringle).

Fair enough. Was this last season?