Hamilton needs a pro soccer team.

Soccer is so trendy right now that if Hamilton had a pro team, be it MLS or even a lesser league, politicians would be falling all over each other in an effort to build a new stadium for the team.

And they would get away with it because soccer is so popular right now.

Then, a few years from now, when the soccer team goes out of business, there would be this nice new stadium sitting empty.

In fact, maybe all the CFL cities, and wannabe cities, should work on getting a trendy soccer team.

Somebody get J. Balsillie on the phone.

He could offer, via the newspaper, some Premier League team $1B to buy the team, sign a 200-year lease with the city of Hamilton for Mohawk Sports Park, have his lawyer go on the Fan590 to say that he does not intend to respect the Premier League's rule or traditions and then start to sell season's tickets in anticipation of the deal going through.

That just might work.

I know what Hamilton city council will do. Build a soccer stadium and then see if a team comes. Hmmm, this sounds familiar now doesn't it? :wink:

8) Not a chance !!! Not only do the Toronto Maple Leafs not want us to have an NHL team here in Hamilton, the word is they won't allow us a soccer team either !!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

Earl, you give City Council too much credit! This lot would commission a study group for $100,000 to look into all phases of the project. Take two years, bring it on the council floor, table it for 1 year. Spend another 100 G's on further studies, and finally vote to refurbish Brian Timmis stadium with a new fence, 300 new seats, and 2 more porta-potties. They would then slap themselves on the back (collectively) and go back to sleep.Of course they couldn't do it at City Hall because that is what they did with it!

:thup: Mat!

MLS has given TFC exclusive market rights to all of Canada for 5 years. The second Canadian team will likely be the promotion of the Montreal Impact from the USL to the MLS.

So as far as Hamilton goes, its a tough bet because I'm sure unlike the Leafs of the NHL, TFC's support draws significantly from ethnic groups across the GTA and golden horseshoe.

I'd rather see a pro rugby football team!

I'd rather see Maria Sharapova hitting some balls. 8)

Wouldn't that hurt??

:lol: :lol:

They built a football stadium and there is still no team. :lol:

Hamilton city council could bid on hosting the world rugby championship and then build a new stadium for that, getting financed by all levels of government, just like the national soccer stadium.

We have a good stadium already folks. Spend $20M to fixit up rather than $120M for new that'll need upgrades at exactly the same time as the cheaper option.

Remember the Steelers? I do !! I was at everygame. Starting at Centre Field. Cheerleading at soccer games isn't quite the same as football. Let me tell ya !!!
I just can't see it again.

no, we don't need another team we don't support, let's look at all the Hammer teams that have come and gone shall we:
Red Wings
Steelers (Soccer team in the late 80s / early 90s)
Red Birds

Can anybody else add to this list?

Steelhawks preceeded the Dukes in the OHL

thank you i knew i forgot one

Supporting the soccer team is not the point.

The idea is to get a soccer team and let them lobby government for a new stadium.

Then, wait for them to go out of business.

And end up with a garbage stadium AND a $120M bill? Good planning … NOT

Well, BMO field was 69M, according to wikipedia, and yes it does look kinda cheap.

But, I haven't visited it yet so I don't know whether or not I would call it a garbage stadium.