Hamilton Nationals Field Lacrosse Team

Although the official announcement hasn't been made (or it was only reported in the paper version of the Spec), it looks like the Toronto Nationals field lacrosse team is moving to Hamilton to become the Hamilton Nationals, playing at Ron Joyce stadium.

Who here is planning on going?

It looks like a fun game, although I've never played it myself. Seeing as I'm not living in Hamilton these days, it'll be hard for me to go. If I were, I'd try to make it out to a game or two. I might still try if I'm in Hamilton on a weekend where I'm not busy with something else.

And who knows, maybe if the team is successful enough, the Nationals could be a 3rd major tenant for Ivor Wynne, which would be a good thing in my opinion.

Both soccer or lacrosse I don't care about, only will go if the Cats make some money on me going, other than that both sports aren't for me as a spectator sport.

don't ever put soccer and lacrosse in the same sentence. Having played and been involved with both, the entertainiment and athletic value of lacrosee, in this case the field game, is far superior to soccer. Here you will see among the best in the world, and in soccer, you have to go to Manchester to see the best.

Let me start off by saying this. My favourite sports are as follows: CFL Fooball and Box lacrosse tied for for first. tied for second field lacrosse and international ice hockey. You go to a Rock game and it's action packed every time.

I've been a season ticket holder with the Rock for the past 7 seasons, and let me tell you it's the most bang for the buck. I pay $38 for a ticket at the ACC that would cost me $175 for exact same seat for a Leaf game and the players are approachable. They all have day jobs and play for the love of the game. If you're so inclined you can go and have a beer with the team at the post game party. It's a great fan friendly most bang for your buck experience...minus the $14 beers at the ACC...lol

Sorry I digressed there, I've also been a season ticket holder with the Nationals since the team came to TO, and I would be a season ticket holder with the Nat's if they came to Hamilton too. Now field lacrosse is a totally different animal then the indoor game but you're seeing the best lacrosse players in the world play on the Nat's. It's essentially the training team for the World Field Championships and they play teams from all over the states. Once you understand the game you'll love it, and the skill level is second to none. Oh and one more thing, alot of the Nats play OLA boxla (indoor) in the summer. Ontario Lacrosse Association teams compete for the Mann Cup every September. These are the same players that make of 90% of the National Lacrosse League..yep the league the Rock play in. A little bit of trivia...the Mann Cup is the most expensive sports trophy in North America..why?...because the cup it self is made of solid gold!

So let me tell you, if the Nat's move to Hamilton I'll be moving with them, and I encourage everyone to give our first national sport a chance. Jump on the GO, (it drops you off right at the ACC) and see a Rock game, the next one is Feb 12 and check out a Nat's game when they come...I'll be hosting a tailgate in Lot J for sure!

Lover of all Canadian sports if they have the initials "CFL" or start with the letter "L" :wink:

I dunno, you see I've seen a couple Indoor Lacrosse games and the smaller field really adds a bit more excitement and physicality to the game. Field across though strikes me as spread too thin. I'll probably test the waters one this one, go to a game and if it works for me, certainly.

I wouldn't mind a name change though, aren't the Nationals the name of the team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters?

Ive heard the Rock games are amazing, and affordable, but I have never been.

Going to Toronto is just to expensive for more then a couple ticat trips a year. I could see going to some in Hamilton perhaps.

It's official now,

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/local/article/481014--hamilton-lands-pro-lacrosse-franchise]http://www.thespec.com/sports/local/art ... -franchise[/url]

This is great news. The guys on the Nationals have all played for Division I NCAA lacrosse teams and are used to playing on the world class surface at Ron Joyce.
I'm looking forward to this. Comfortable seats and hopefully they sell beer in the stands.
For all you newbies, take a little lacrosse 101 before you go to a game. The rules, number of players and nets are much different the Box Lacrosse. That being said it's entertaining and a cheap night out seeing the best in the world playing our national sport! Plus I love yelling at the American teams...lol

Thanks for pumping it up. I'm there!

I remember going to my first lacrosse game at Copps when the Ontario Raiders were playing the Philadelphia Wings. I had front row seats right behind the net, and I was blown away by the action, physicality, toughness and skill of the sport and players. I was pleasanlty surprised at how much i enjoyed it as a specatator sport.

Been to a few Toronto Rock (formerly the aforementioned Ontario Raiders) games, and loved it. I really should go again. Is the NLL still on TV. haven't really noticed it the last couple of years.

MAN UP WITH....Stephan Leblanc:

[url=http://www.torontorock.com/article/man-up-with-stephan-leblanc]http://www.torontorock.com/article/man- ... an-leblanc[/url]


As a bonus, this new team will have easy access to the indoor Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on the Six Nations Territory. They can practice all year round.
The Buffalo Bandits and the Toronto Rock use this awesome facility all the time.


(PS.......it's also a great place for Tiger-Cats kickers to practice in the winter -very cheap rates too !- ) :wink:

TSN2 NLL broadcast schedule


Saturday, January 8 Edmonton Rush … at Toronto Rock 7:00pm
Saturday, January 15 Toronto Rock at Rochester Knighthawks 7:30pm
Friday, January 21 Boston Blazers at Toronto Rock 7:30pm
Saturday, January 29 Buffalo Bandits at Toronto Rock 7:00pm
Saturday, February 5 Toronto Rock at Boston Blazers 7:30pm
Saturday, February 12 Calgary Roughnecks at Toronto Rock 7:00pm
Friday, March 4 Philadelphia Wings at Toronto Rock 7:30pm
Friday, March 25 Toronto Rock at Calgary Roughnecks 9:30pm
Friday, April 1 Washington Stealth at Toronto Rock 7:30pm
Saturday, April 16 Toronto Rock at Edmonton Rush 9:00pm


Love the Iroquois logo.


I hope I can get down to a game. Never had much luck getting to a game when they were in Toronto. I've watch it on TV and it is the only NCAA sport I will watch the very few times it's broadcast. Better go now because I have a feeling that moving this team to Hamilton is just a last ditch effort to keep the team alive. Best of luck, I hope it works.

There is a question I've wanted to ask Rock and NNL fans for some time. How come the Rock can get 15k or so to a game at the ACC, but an OLA game can only draw friends and family; if that? Now I find that kind of odd considering that a great many of the NLL players play in the OAL. Is Peterborough, Brampton, Ajax and Six Nations just not big league enough in comparison to Philadelphia, Boston, Rochester, Calgary and Edmonton. A variety of Lacrosse teams have come and gone in Toronto over the years but this one has found it's place. The only real difference between them is that all the other leagues were all Canadian teams, while this one is mostly American. As CFL fans, this bias - if that is what it is - sounds all to familiar. Do you NLL fans go to OLA games during the summer and do you notice much of a difference in the quality of play and why the difference in fan support?

Yep, it's pretty cool 8)


The Haudenoaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) call it the -Covenant Chain-

I actually like lacrosse but with the music playing during play I cannot bear it so I don't watch. Never have seen the field game but I can't see that it would interest me that much. I won't be going to any games at Ron Joyce, its a nightmare to get to and unless I see a game on TV or something first I'm not wasting my money on it

Just hop on the LRT.

Hey Deerkeeper:
To answer your question I think it comes down to alot of things. First, lacrosse has hot beds around Ontario but isn't embraced like hockey it. You go to a Brampton Excelsior's game, or a Peterborough Lakers game in the OLA and you'll get between 1 and 5000 depending on the opponent. I think summer if very busy for people, and I know some Excelsior's games conflict with Ticats and Argo's games. I try to go to as many CFL games as I can. Summer is also cottage time.
Personally I love the OLA games, they are grittier then NLL games primarily because it's all Canadian guys playing and slashing and cross-checking is allowed on anyone. The NLL has instituted a rule that you can only slash and cross check the ball carrier. It's to protect the soft field US players who get signed out of the NCAA.
The other reason is marketing...marketing, marketing and a winning tradition. The Rock are 5 time NLL Champions under the leadership of Les Bartley RIP, a personal friend of mine. At one point they were selling out the Gardens and the ACC for regular season games. You still have a core crowd of 8-10 000 season ticket holders that come out. The crowds are getting bigger and bigger now that the Rock are winning again.
So to answer your question, OLA games aren't promoted as much as NLL games and you have more OLA teams spreading out the fans. The Rock and NLL brings the cream of the crop to play at the ACC and lacrosse fans come to see it.
When the Nationals play field you'll see a talent filled fast game and BTW...Ron Joyce isn't that hard to get to. It's a 5 min walk from the street.

First off there isn't one, secondly if there ever is I'll have to move. Quit being an ....

And yes Jare Ron Joyce is a royal pain to get to. First if I go by bus on the weekend I have to take the Deleware because the King bus doesn't run there and parking is wretched if I drive. Thanks but no thanks. Did the Mac playoff game last fall, I won't be returning